To start the festivities, Josie decided we needed to go to Smiley’s, because we hadn’t bought any “real” pumpkins this year (we have several cool metal ones, but not good enough for her, LOL). So we obliged.

Halloween is Josie’s favorite holiday for sure. She plans her costumes months in advance. Jack likes it, too, but is not as “into it” as Jo.

This year Josie decided to be Tonks, one of her favorite Harry Potter characters.
Here was her “inspiration” pic:

She had most of this costume in her wardrobe, so all we did was find a coat at Goodwill and buy some pink hair spray. Her whole costume came to a grand total of $6. That’s my kind of costume!

And here is how it turned out (she was stoked!):

Jack went through a couple of ideas before he landed on who he was going to be: Jonesy, his favorite character from Fortnight, a video game he loves to play. Here was his “inspiration” pic:

He, too, had most of his costume in his current wardrobe. All we did was buy a $3 green shirt at Goodwill and cut the sleeves off. Another score!

I love these two silly goofballs-

We did our normal Halloween thing- walked over to our sweet neighbors’ house (they gave our kiddos FULL SIZED Hershey bars this year!), and then visited a few houses before ending the night at Grammy and Pappy’s for a fire and a chili and hot dogs and playtime with the cousins. They ended the night full and happy. 🙂

Love making these memories with these kiddos.