Fall Break Part 2

For the second part of fall break, we enjoyed a beautiful week at Rock Island State Park with Jake’s fam. This was our third visit to Rock Island, and we’ve enjoyed it every time. This week there was more water in the gorge than we’ve ever seen before, and they actually had the gorge closed to hiking, which was disappointing. BUT, we had some beautiful, fun hikes even without the gorge hike.

Twin Falls was roaring. We couldn’t get as close as normal, but we still climbed pretty close…and saw a snake on the way! My friend Steph informed me, though, that it was NOT a copperhead like we thought, but just a water snake. 🙂

It was neat to see the gorge with more water than normal, and the kids were SO excited that the “castle” door was unlocked so they could go in, LOL.

There was lots of card playing like always….

One day Liz and Abby left to go see Carley play softball, so the rest of us took the day to visit some antique stores that were nearby. We stopped to get the kids some ice cream at a little shop in Rock Island, and they ordered milkshakes. We did NOT expect them to be so big and awesome, but the kids were of course THRILLED! They were works of art! They also had fun Connect 4 games to play on outside. It was a really neat little shop!

Everybody’s favorite hike this year was the Blue Hole trail. The waterfalls down there were so pretty!

Of course we had some 4-square volleyball games (this game we literally made up many years ago on a fall break trip, LOL). Mee Maw even joined in!

It was a good trip. The weather finally turned cooler the very last day. But we couldn’t have asked for better weather for fall break, really. It only rained overnight one night. Otherwise it was beautiful and sunny.

And now we are getting back into the swing of “real” life again. Which isn’t all bad. Although, we did come home to all of our cats having fleas!! BLEH!!

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