Other September Randomness

When I said September was a busy month, I really wasn’t joking. We kind of feel like we never sat down or caught our breath for the whole month. Here are some other things that happened in September:

Did the bi-annual clothes switch for the kids and discovered, per usual, Josie has outgrown a ton, and Jack has barely grown at all, LOL. Although, he did outgrow a few pair of pants in length, so there’s that! This chore, thankfully, gets easier and easier as the kids get older.

The Roses ate with us a couple of times. Evelynn wanted me to document the fact that she tried a bite of carrot, LOL.

We took advantage of pretty weather one Sunday to eat at the drive thru Mexican place we love-they’ve added an awesome outdoor seating area. And…why does my daughter look grown?

Josie went to a classmate’s “spa” birthday party one day…and they crimped her hair LOL. I told her she looked like Albert Einstein. She, on the other hand, LOVED it, and really wanted to recreate it for picture day…which I said NO to.

Yummy “brunch” at 1:00 in the afternoon one Saturday, LOL.

Some reading for the month.

I had gotten an old Lifesavers rack from Shshr, and I cleaned it up and turned it into our “snack rack.” The kids LOVE it, LOL. Jack turned down donuts one morning, because he just “had to eat something off the rack.”

Our beloved treehouse finally has met its end. It was getting unsafe from a big board rotting out underneath-we had sealed the whole thing, but it was rotting where we couldn’t get the sealant. We could’ve replaced it, but that was going to be a big, expensive task, and in the end, we decided it would be better just to pull it down and do something else fun with the tree, like some climbing/rope things for the kids.

Just a picture of my boy, in his beloved Christmas pjs, reading Calvin and Hobbes one morning.

Went to Sams again one day with Mom, Casey, Nana, and this little Miss Priss. One perk of not teaching is getting to see my sister more!

Jack had a VERY specific idea of how he wanted me to cut his hair for school picture day this year. He loved how it turned out, thankfully, so I was able to breathe a sigh of relief! And, to my surprise, he has faithfully put gel in it and styled it every day….he must be growing up a bit!

And Josie’s picture day hair prep, LOL. It did NOT turn out looking like Albert Einstein this time, though!

Some other fun things not pictured: I went to a women’s gathering at church for the first time in FOREVER. it was fun.

We went on a date night with the Roses. And our kids are big enough now, that we don’t have to get a babysitter! We just left them all together at our house (and we didn’t go far) to, as Jack put it, “babysit each other,” LOL. They did great, and we had fun- we hit up The Brewery for appetizers, The Depot for dinner, and Golly G’s for dessert! It was a “progressive” dinner.

Now on to October and hopefully a bit calmer month. 🙂

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