This month the kittens were finally big enough to go to their new homes! We have loved having them-it has been a blast! But we were also all ready to see them get to go to their new families.

My friend Megan (the one who graciously let Cleo have her kitten in her CAR) got first dibs. They picked the yellow boy and named him Garfield- isn’t that the cutest?

Shshr got one of the torties and named her Maggy.

And a sweet family from school got the other Tortie. They were cracking us up with all the names they came up. It is a family of three boys, and they were thrilled to be getting a girl cat! LOL. They were deciding between a whole list….Sharpay, Jolene, Beyonce, and a lot of other hilarious names, but finally decided on “Lucy” from The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Roses are going to get two as soon as they move- the gray one, who they’ve named “Sky,” and a black one they’ve named “Winnie.”

Josie convinced us to keep one of the black ones- she named her Velvet.

Our crazy cat saga is almost over!

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