The rest of August

I started writing this blog post….21 days ago. Yep. On the first day of September. Even got all the pictures ready. And then never finished it. And that pretty much sums up September for you. More to come on that in another blog post, though.

On one of the first days of school for the kids, Jake and I had a date day. After we dropped the kids off to school, we went to breakfast, went shopping, and got a late lunch before we picked the kids back up from school. It was a good distraction for me on what could’ve been a really hard week-not being back at school is/was hard. It’s hard getting used to a new normal, especially one I didn’t exactly choose for myself.

On another day I got lunch with my sweet friend Melanie. It was good to catch up with her!

Another day I went with Casey, Nana, and Emery to Sam’s shopping, and then we got some lunch. It was so good to spend time with all three of them! And Emery is so cute it’s ridiculous.

I did a LOT of reading.

A LOT of time and attention was given to our “cat farm” as we dubbed it this month. It was so much fun to watch them grow and play and try new things, and then “Gray” got a ruptured abscess on her face, and almost died. I spent several days playing vet and nursing her back to health- she even slept in the house one night, which is definitely not typical for us! But she is fully recovered now and thriving.

We were supposed to be eating at Mom and Dad’s one Friday night, but then Josie came down sick, so they brought dinner to us. We wiped out some fried chicken and fried dove. It was delicious.

We love when the Roses come for dinner. 🙂

I’ve tried a couple of new recipes. This avocado toast is my new favorite breakfast. And I was glad to find a new meatball recipe that uses ground chicken instead of ground beef, so that I can eat it, too.

Jake’s friend Nick got to come over (thank goodness for Covid vaccines letting life get back to normal), and it was such a nice night we got to have a fire.

Park day after church

I liked seeing this picture of my girl working studiously in her classroom. It is weird not getting to peek in on my kids during the day- that is definitely a teacher privilege I’m missing this year.

This goofy boy- playing in cardboard boxes and climbing high in trees. I love that he will still PLAY, though.

Got some new pillows for the couch!

Josie got to have a night with Nana one night and hang out with her little cousins. 🙂

Jack had his first cross country race of the season (and it was HOT). He placed fifth! It was really weird being there and not coaching, for sure.

Definitely not a typical August for us. But it definitely wasn’t all bad. It was nice not being as busy and stressed as normal.

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