The last days of summer….

The kids have been soaking up every last day of summer they’ve had, sleeping as late as possible (and staying up as late as we will let them!), having pajama days, playing hard, seeing friends, and playing with the kitties.

On the first day of August, Tommy and Ta took us all to Sound Waves as a joint birthday present for the kiddos. It was a blast! And I think Tommy had as much fun as the kids, LOL.

Later that night we went to the Roses’ to celebrate Hannah’s birthday! Then Josie spent the night. 🙂

Nana drove Josie and I to our hair appointment. Josie wanted a new short hair cut, and it was time for me to get my hair highlighted-Josie REALLY wanted me to get some purple in my hair (because if it wasn’t for dress code at school, she would have purple hair in a minute!), so I thought, why not? And I loved how it turned out! And Josie is so jealous, LOL. After our hair appointments, the kiddos got to spend the night with Nana.

Lots of reading for me…..

We’ve been enjoying our sweet Zany Lou. She is so much fun! She is a sweet kitty.

The flowers at our farm are BEAUTIFUL.

These kittens are starting to get fun, too! They learned to walk this week, and we love to go play with them.

I had a photo shoot down at the creek at the farm this week, and while I was taking pictures, Jack and Jake went exploring and found a baby snapping turtle!

As a last hoorah of summer, the kids had Hannah and Claire over to spend the night on Monday night. They stayed up late, we had a big brunch, and then I took them all swimming.

Other fun summer things not pictures: kiddos spending the night with Grammy and Pappy and going to a movie night in the park, movie nights at home, Mama Judy’s house getting SO CLOSE to being done, playing outside, picking bouquets of those beautiful flowers, and being so lazy on the couch.

And now.. even though it is hotter than Hades outside, summer break is over!

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