Besides camping and cats and the 4th, there was also other fun to be had in July, even in the midst of seizures and other not-so-fun stuff. Here are some things I want to remember about July 2021:

I got to visit with sweet friends- Robin and I had our annual week of the 4th coffee date, and another day Kim, Lori, and I drove to MO to see Gloria-so glad to get to hang with all of them for the day.

I love these goobers with all of my heart.

Josie’s zinnias are blooming at our farm, and they are so, so beautiful!! I’ve used them several times for photo shoots, and Josie has made some beautiful bouquets. We also planted sunflowers again, but while we were camping, the deer ate the tops off of all of them. Apparently they don’t like zinnias, thank goodness.

Swimming in our sweet neighbors’ pool.

We had a fun lake day with the Roses the Saturday after our camping trip. They had to go back to pick up their boat, so we tagged along and made a day of it! We stopped at the Dairy Burger on the way back right as they were closing for dinner, because the dock was CRAZY, crazier than we’d ever seen it! Note to self:Saturdays in July at the lake are too crazy for our taste.

We officially have a teenager. And her teenager-dom was shining brightly this day-putting on makeup in the car on the way to church, LOL.

Another fun pool day.

One day I went with Mama Judy to pick out a mantel for her new house- it is getting so close to being done!!!

This girl has been trying out some fun new hairstyles, and has requested I learn how to cornrow. First attempt here. I still need to practice for sure.

One night during dinner we decided blackberry cobbler sounded good. So we called the Roses for an impromptu dessert invite, Jake went to Kroger to get some ice cream, and the kids and I went and picked some fresh blackberries-dessert night complete!

These babies are growing! We have been a blast watching them grow, too, checking in on them several times a day. The kids were THRILLED to find them the day they finally opened their eyes. They are getting more fun to watch every day. Soon they are going to be running around everywhere.

Jake and I had an ADVENTURE on Saturday night. As a surprise, I had bought him tickets to the Garth Brooks concert. So we got all ready, got to Nashville with plenty of time to get dinner and take our time walking over in the VERY HOT AND HUMID weather. We made it to our seats and had awhile to wait, especially since the show started a little late. Finally the opener came out and started playing…and the thunder started rolling. By the second song (Emmy Lou Harris and Trisha), Jake and I decided to exit our seats and go to the bathroom, because we could tell by radar it was about to pour. And by the time we got out of the bathroom, they were evacuating everyone into the concourses. We were crammed like SARDINES with a billion people forever, watching the lightning and the pouring down rain. They finally cancelled the concert, and then we had to walk a mile back to our car….with it raining buckets. We were soaked to the bone! But, it was an adventure and a memory, and I love making memories with my best friend. And, hopefully we will have better weather when they reschedule the concert!

While we were making memories, so were the kids with their own friends. Josie got to go to a fun Escape Game birthday party to celebrate Reece, and Jack got to have a campout (on Friday night) at his friend Kyle’s house. It was a busy weekend!

Now it’s August, and the kids’ summer break is almost over! Summers are always just a bit too short.

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