4th of July

**Edited to add….I thought I posted this weeks of ago, but apparently I saved it as a draft instead. So…here you go, several weeks later than I thought! **

This 4th was SO different than last year’s, and for that I am grateful. It is so good to be getting back to “normal,” in terms of Covid.

We had so missed having our friends over for New Year’s Eve this year, so we decided to make up for it by having a “Third of July” party. πŸ™‚ It was so, so, good to have everyone in/at our house again. It was such a good night of friends, great food, and simple pleasures. The weather was perfect-by the end of the night we were wrapped up in blankets by the fire. Jake smoked ribs and chicken to perfection. The kids spent some of their own money on some small fireworks, and ALL the kids had SUCH a good time setting them off and playing. (With supervision, of course!) It was just a really good night, all the way around.

Since the Fourth was on a Sunday, the parade was in the afternoon instead of the morning. Before the parade, Josie helped me make our traditional strawberries. They are a 4th of July must, now.

This year the kids got to ride in the parade! Josie was SOO excited. Jack was just along for the ride. πŸ™‚ Kyle drove his big rig, pulling some of his company equipment, and the kids road on the trailer with Casey, Lane and Beau and threw candy. They had a blast! I parked at Ta’s and walked up to watch with she, Tommy, Nana, Everett, and Mama Judy. It was weird watching the parade without the kiddos! We got to see Abby marching in the parade, too!

After the parade, we headed down to Mom and Dad’s for a fish fry. It was a good night full of excellent food and BIG fireworks…..not going to lie, the fireworks made me more nervous than the night before. Get my brother, Kyle, and Alec and Wyatt together and things can get a little crazy for sure! But no one got hurt, and the kids (big and little alike), had a blast. πŸ™‚

Side notes: Why does my oldest child look GROWN? And, Sadie LOVESSSSSSS strawberries. We let her take the leftovers home at the end of the night.

Happy Fourth of July!

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