Our Crazy Cat Story

While we were camping, something kind of crazy happened.

Remember when Josie’s cat, Cleo, went missing around the end of February? We posted her on Facebook, called shelters, etc., but she never turned up. She had a collar with our number on it, but nobody every called. So we just assumed she had been killed.

Anyways, I get a call from a random number while we were camping. They left a message saying they had found our cat. I assumed they mean Poppy, who was home. I called back, and it wasn’t Poppy- it was CLEO! 5 months later!! We couldn’t believe she was still alive, and that her collar was still intact with our number on it. But she was! So I called my friend Megan to see if she would go pick her up and keep her until we got back from vacation, and she said yes.

Later that evening I get this text from Megan:

She picked up Cleo….and Cleo started having KITTENS!!! IN HER CAR! BEFORE SHE EVEN GOT HER HOME!

Isn’t that completely wild?! She had 6 in all:

We were so grateful that Megan and her family weren’t mad, and didn’t mind watching them for us until we got back. They were actually thrilled to! 🙂 Megan’s high-school aged son even said that watching the kittens being born was the best thing that happened all summer, LOL!

The other twist to this story is that earlier this month one of my friends had posted that they would have kittens ready for new homes after we got back from vacation, and I had asked for one, since, at the time, we only had Poppy. So not only were we coming home to Cleo and her new kittens, we also were coming home to a new 9 week old kitten! The kids and I were excited about her, and had even named her already- Zany Lou, so we went ahead and got her, too.

So on Monday, we went from being owners of 1 cat, to being owners of NINE cats! LOL.

Meet Zany:

And here is Cleo, all settled in our barn with her kittens-she has been such a good momma cat!

Our house has felt a little like a cat farm this week, but it has been fun! And the kids are SO thrilled with the newborn kittens- they can’t wait for them to open their eyes!

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