Josie’s 13th Birthday

I am super behind on blogging, but I wanted to go ahead and blog these things for memory’s sake. This blog is how I make my yearly family scrapbook!

The night before her birthday, we let her pick a restaurant to eat at-she picked the Greek restaurant in Springfield. Then we went to Walmart and she had a BLAST picking out candy and decorations for her party.

On Josie’s actual birthday, we started with our normal birthday tradition, and went to the Donut Palace to pick up donuts. I also took her by Dunkin to get a mocha :). She made me laugh, because she has been sleeping super late, but she got up early that day because she was so excited about being a teenager.

She really wanted to go swimming in our neighbor’s pool for her birthday. So that’s what we did!

Then I took her shopping for some make up. Because we told her a long time ago she could start wearing make up when she turned 13, and she had not forgotten!

While I was cooking her birthday dinner (spaghetti, of course), Jake took her to the farm for some driving lessons!

Nana and Shshr came to dinner. We had spaghetti with strawberry milkshakes for dessert (her choice). Shshr gave her an electric guitar for her birthday! She was SOOOOOO excited.

Later that week Grammy took her shopping for her birthday. They hit up all the bargain stores, and then for her birthday lunch she picked fries from Arby’s, and burgers from Krystal, LOL. Then they went to the park to eat. She’s spoiled rotten!

Finally Saturday came-the day she has been waiting for for a looong time-her friend party! She decided she wanted to have her whole class over to the farm for swimming at the swimming hole, and then grilling burgers. Instead of a cake, she wanted a candy charcuterie board. Almost her whole class got to come, and they had a blast! It was a great party, and made her super happy.

All in all, I’d say she had a FANTASTIC birthday! Happy 13th, Josie!

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