Church Camp

This year our kids went to church camp with some friends. They were supposed to go last year, but COVID. So, they were pumped that this year was getting to happen. This was Jack’s first church camp experience. This was Josie’s first camp experience like this one-she’s gone with our church before a couple of times, but it was on college campuses. This one was a lot more like the camps I grew up going to.

They had a BLAST. They are already talking about going back next year!

We dropped them off on Sunday (Father’s Day). They rode a big bus to camp.

They came back on Friday around lunch time. They didn’t stop talking until Josie crashed, LOL. She took a looong nap. Jack, however, seemed full of energy. He and Jake played a long board game. It took them a couple of days to fully recover, though. I caught them both taking a nap on Sunday, something that doesn’t ever happen voluntarily!

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