Summer so far

The kiddos have been soaking up their summer break and enjoying some unstructured free time. Josie has broken some sleeping late records, and Jack just enjoys having so much time to play with his sister. Here are few moments of summer happy that I want to remember.

I’ve been reading all kinds of books. These are two that I really enjoyed.

The kids helped me get these lavender and blackberry beds under control.

The farm is just beautiful, and all the flower seeds we planted are growing great!

We had sweet friends over for dinner one night, and the kids had a blast.

Water balloons. These can keep my kids entertained for hours on end.

Jake noticed this HUGE alligator snapping turtle on the side of the road driving home one day, so we walked up the road to check it out.

Our sweet, sweet neighbors have offered the use of their pool to us again, and the kids jumped in eagerly. Still too cold for me!

These kids worked hard to build a “fairy garden.”

Just a kid and his cat.

Saturday I took Hannah and Jo to a VBS choreography practice, and Jake and Jack went with the Roses to test their new boat!

Then they all came back to our house for dinner.

This is what almost 13 looks like.

Yesterday brought new adventures-skate camp at Rocketown for Jack, and Josie’s second Covid vaccine…and time to hang out in a coffee shop, just she and I.

Also the first day of VBS at our church! This is the first year our kiddos have ever gotten to go to our own church’s VBS, because it is normally in July, when we are on vacation. They were thrilled! Jack is still young enough to be in class, and Josie is helping. They loved it last night! And the Rose kids went, too, so Jake, Lindsey, Josh, and I actually got to go on a date! Fun times all around.

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