I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post for a couple of weeks now. Because I just didn’t have the words. And I still don’t. But I can’t avoid it any longer. At the end of April, our good friend Ryan lost his fight with cancer. I hate cancer. So much. With a passion I can’t even convey.

Ryan was the husband of a wonderful wife, and a dad to three beautiful kids. They went to church with us for several years, went camping with us, hung out at our house, cooked out with us, hiked with us, and all kinds of fun stuff until they moved to Missouri to be closer to family. We saw them even after they moved, though-we met up with them when we took our trip out west, and they came to visit us whenever they came to TN-they even stayed overnight in our camper on one trip.

Ryan was full of life and adventure and the love of God. He lived a beautiful life. He loved his family and friends deeply and fully. He loved doing so many things, and did those things with care and skill.

He will be so deeply missed.

On the third, we went to Missouri for his celebration of life service. It was wonderful testament to a life well lived, but also so surreal. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

Will you join me in praying for his sweet family?

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