May so far

Here are some more happy moments from May, so far:

Jack got to have a sleepover with his very best friend, Finn.

Justin and Kelsey let Jake and I use their Nashville SC tickets one Sunday. It was so much fun to be in a stadium again, even with masks on!

We’ve had several dinners with friends at our house. I don’t even have pictures of others, but this was a great night with Dan and Hannah-it had been a long time since we’d gotten to hang out with them!

We got zinnias planted at the farm, right before we went to Denver. It was a beautiful night to be at the farm! Jake also got some sunflowers planted last night. Our farm is going to be BEAUTIFUL this summer!

The kids had their Spring Concert at school. Jack was so excited to get to have a dancing part in his class’ song, and Josie has been looking forward to singing these songs in concert since AUGUST. They did an awesome job. She was most excited about “Down to the River to Pray” that the upper school girls performed- I was so impressed. They have SUCH an awesome music teacher at school.

Jack got to have Claire over last night, kind of unexpectedly- I love their sweet friendship. Josie got to go to her best friends’ house for a birthday sleepover!

May has been so busy so far, but I’ve been glad for the sense of normalcy we’ve finally gotten back. Thankful for Covid vaccines and low Covid numbers in TN. I’ve signed Josie up for her first vaccine! I can’t wait until both kiddos are vaccinated and life can truly return to “normal” (whatever that is, LOL).

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