This past weekend Jake and I took a trip to Denver. We’d been through Denver a couple of times on our way to other places, but never actually stayed there. So when Jake found some super cheap airline tickets, we jumped at the chance! It was a birthday, Mother’s Day, and anniversary trip, all rolled into one. The kids stayed with Grammy and Pappy. Jake and I flew out super early on Saturday morning, and got to Denver early enough for brunch. We found our hotel and checked our bags in, and then walked to a nearby cafe. It was delicious!

After brunch, we walked around, shopping and sight seeing until we could get into our hotel room.

We stayed at Union Station, and the room was beautiful. We took a good nap, and then I headed over to the spa for my Mother’s Day treat- a full mani/pedi. It was wonderful. While I was doing that, Jake wandered around Denver, taking in the sights. He walked a LOT of steps that day!

We met back up at the hotel, and then wandered around some more. Jake took me to the REI he had found- FOUR stories! We found some pizza and ice cream for dinner before going back to the hotel for the night to enjoy our super comfy room. But not before happening on the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen-the sun setting behind the Rockies on a cloudy day.

We slept late on Sunday morning, and ordered room service for breakfast-it was delicious. Then we took a long walk, stopping a restaurant to get some appetizers for lunch, and then wandering through the Rino Art district.

We took more time to find me some good coffee and then to be lazy in our hotel room before wandering back out for dinner at a burger joint super close to the hotel.

Monday morning we were up early to catch the train back to the airport and fly back in time for Jake to work and me to make it to the kids’ spring concert. Abrupt end to our trip, but it was SUCH a good trip. I’m so glad we got to take it-to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and just to get to have uninterrupted time together. Just what we both needed.

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