Happy Moments

Just wanted to share some happy moments from the last week. There is a lot of sadness in our life right now, but we are treasuring these moments of joy.

Not pictured-I got to go on a pong walk with Josie one day, just me and her. It was a good time for talking and enjoying each other’s company. Trying to carve out some alone time with her here lately-it seems especially important as she gets older.

Also not pictured-a fun dinner night at the Roses. It was so good to hang out with them.

Took Jack to the skatepark Thursday morning. It was a cool morning, but he and I had the place completely to ourselves, which was awesome! He rode his scooter and skateboard to his heart’s content, and I rollerbladed. It was fun to have some alone time with my boy.

Discovered a new coffee place on my way home from Nashville. It was good!

Jake and I got to have fancy date night on Wednesday. Someone had given me a gift card to Chateau West, a French restaurant in Nashville. It was so delicious!

A good reminder.

The kiddos went with Shshr to run errands and help pick up sticks at Nana’s on Saturday. Jake and I decided to try out the Greenbrier Greek food truck. We ate on our porch since it was a beautiful day. It was delicious! And a TON of food. Enough for at least 2 full meals.

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