Compared to last year, this Easter was a complete 180 difference! It was sunny. We went to church in person. We got to go to Nana’s and be all together for the first time since Christmas 2019-praise the Lord for Covid vaccines! I sang at church today for the first time in over a year.

Easter treats-a calligraphy book and a fun ring for Jo, bath bombs and Legos for Jack, a sticker, special cookie, and puffs (yes, puffs-my kids are weird) for both. 🙂

Church was so good. He is risen indeed!

It was so good to get be at Nana’s with everyone! We had a delicious lunch and spent the whole day outside on the porch watching the kids play. We had a HUGE Easter egg hunt. We all brought some eggs to hide, and when we put them together it was over 400! The kids had a blast. Chad even hid some way up high to give Josie and Jack a challenge :).

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