Oops. I let the whole month go by without blogging. Didn’t mean to, but it is what it is, and so I’m going to do a catch-all March blog now. And not even pretending like I might do better next month, LOL.

It has been a very up and down month. My feelings have been high, low, and all over the place. But this blog is all about remembering the good moments, so that’s what I’m going to tell you about, mostly in picture form.

Things NOT pictured: I got to have several lunches/coffee dates with some good friends that were so good for my heart. Jake and I had several date nights thanks to my parents watching the kiddos, and those are also so good for both of us. Lots of antiquing at various places. Jake was able to get his first Covid vaccine! Mama Judy, Nana, and I all got our second vaccines! I officially accepted a job at my school for next year, teaching grammar school PE! That will be a new adventure, one that I am excited about.

And now here are some other highlights in pictures:

Jack bought a BIG Lego set with his birthday money, and worked diligently on it for a week, every day after school, and even some mornings before school to put it together. It had almost 300 steps! He was SO proud when he got it all together! It is fun watching him learn a new hobby that he enjoys. 🙂

I’ve been reading a lot, and trying to save and record truths that are good for me to remember and hear. And I’ve been doing some coloring, just because it is relaxing. And relaxing is good and needed for me these days.

Took Jack for his 10 year old well check. He’s still tiny. No surprise there!

I love dumplings. They are even better when you add Jake’s smoked chicken!

My therapy cat. 🙂

It was laundry detergent making time. I’ve used this recipe for years, and every time I’ve tried to switch back to store bought, I always go back to this. I just like it better.

Jake has been making good use of his new smoker and we all appreciate his efforts-yum! One night our good friends came over to enjoy his cooking with us. It was so good to see them and hang out with them. It had been a long time, thanks to Covid!

I love our school, so, so much. And the kids have the best art teacher ever. Josie has been so excited about the last project they have been working on-creating their own chess sets from clay. Her teacher sent me this picture of her getting to play with her set!

Just a pretty sunrise.

Spent a day clear coating some antiques we’d bought, and this bench Pop gave me long ago that resides on our porch. It needed a spruce. Clear coating is so relaxing for me.

Jake got our new sign hung on the barn! We love it so much. What are the odds we would find an antique sign that said “J & B”?!

One night Nana and Shshr came over for a fire and hot dogs and Nana brought a yummy dessert. It was so good to be okay being inside with them since Nana has had her vaccines!!

I got a small start on our garden- I planted lettuce and spinach and new lavender, and then transplanted the lavender we planted last year. I love lavender!

We officially started going back to church in person. It is good. Our church still has masked services that you have to register for, so we go to the early service. Josie was so excited to wear this skirt that she got for Christmas, that she hadn’t had a chance to wear! She looks way too old, though.

Hallelujah! Thank God for medicine and science.

Justin got to come over one night to play games with Jack and Jake. It was SOO good to see him!!

We FINALLY got this tractor fixed and back to the farm. It has been a looooonnnngg YEAR of trying to get this thing working!

We spent some time down at the creek at our farm one day. It is SO pretty down there, especially in beautiful spring weather.

Got to run some this month. Wearing this shirt and taking this horrible selfie in order to honor my good friend who is fighting a long, hard battle with pancreatic cancer. Love you, Ryan, so much! Praying for you every day.


The kiddos got to have a casual day at school the day before spring break. They were so excited!

My biggest art project of the month: painting a quilt square for Mama Judy to hang in her new house. I still need to clear coat it, but I am pleased with how it turned out! It was a challenge, but a fun challenge.

Sweet cousins 🙂

I always love this tree in Nana’s yard in the spring so much! My favorite!

Sunset walk with Jake at the park.

Jack got to go to a birthday sleepover for one of his good friends, and it is literally all he talked about for DAYS leading up to it. They planned to have a huge Nerf gun battle, and they did! And they enjoyed it so much! And stayed up until 1:30! He fell asleep in the car the next day, LOL.

This week the kiddos are on Spring Break, and Shshr asked me to take Asher to PetSmart for his grooming appointment, which I was more than happy to do, and the kids were so excited that they got to come along! It’s the little things, LOL.

LOL. I love how much these two love each other. Even when they also annoy the snot out of each other.

Yesterday the kids and I gave my car and Jake’s farm truck a LONG overdue cleaning. I always have them help me with at least one big chore on spring break, and this was this year’s! They did a good job, though! Learning those life skills!

Well, that’s a wrap! Maybe I’ll do better next month….but definitely no promises. 🙂

The rest of February

The kids ended up getting a whole week off because of the snow. They were over by it Friday and Saturday, though, and didn’t even go outside to play, LOL.

Sunday I got my first Covid vaccine! ??

Josie has been wanting to get her hair cut short for awhile now, and she was so disappointed when the appointment had to be canceled because of the snow. We got to reschedule it for Tuesday, though. She cut a lot off, enough to donate! And she looks so much older I think. She was so excited to show it off at school the next day. I got my hair cut, talk for the first time in about three years (besides when Jake cut it during quarantine), and got it highlighted for the first time since college.

The weather was beautiful all week. After a week of snow, we had a week of beautiful sunshine and temps in the 70s some days-that’s TN for you. Wednesday afternoon the kids and went rollerblading on the greenway.

This weekend Jake and I went on a road trip to Ohio to go antiquing for furniture for Mama Judy’s new house….and random stuff for us too :). The kids stayed with Mama Judy. It was such a great weekend-we needed some time to get away together-soul restoring for sure. Time alone, just the two of us, good food, shopping, and a nice hotel. So thankful for time and resources to be able to do things like this. And, we had great success in finding some awesome pieces for Mama Judy and us!

I’m so glad tomorrow is March. That means one step closer to spring!!