Ice Day

Last night it started sleeting…..hard. It had been misting ice for a couple of days, but not enough to stick to the roads, just to the grass and trees. We went to the Roses last night for dinner, knowing me might have to leave early in case the weather started to turn. We hung out until it started sleeting pretty hard, and then headed home the long way, just in case the hill was bad. We made it home just fine.

The forecast had predicted the sleet would turn to snow overnight…but it didn’t! It just sleeted, all night long, and started back this morning. I’ve never seen so much sleet! We probably would’ve had foot of snow if it had turned.

It’s President’s Day, so the kids didn’t have school anyways, and the best part is that Jake was off, too, so he could enjoy it with us. We had a long, lazy morning, and then the kids decided to go out and play.

They went over to our neighbors’ house to sled, and my sweet neighbor sent me all kinds of fun videos of them. The one with Jack wiping out is my favorite, for sure.

When they got done with that, Jake and I bundled up and took them right down the road, because we have a really big hill that we thought would be awesome for them to sled down….but it was a dud. The ice wasn’t packed enough, so it would pile up and slow the sled down. But it was fun trying, anyways!

So, since that didn’t work, we decided to go over to the farm. We have been waiting for a good snow since we bought the farm, and it hasn’t happened yet! And, this wasn’t actually snow…but we decided it was close enough. We tried several places, and finally landed on one of the pipelines that worked well. It was fun to just be at our farm all together, though. We so wish we could just pick up our current house and move it out there.

That hill worked pretty well, but this one was the best:

When we all got tired, we headed back home for a really late lunch and some warm drinks. It is always nice to get cozy after a fun day in the snow. Today was good for my soul, for sure.

Kids’ school has already been called for tomorrow, and with so much ice, who knows when they will get to go back!

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