Jack’s Birthday Festivities

We have a way of making birthdays last several days around here, and Jack’s was no exception!

Thursday we were supposed to get ice that never came, but school was closed anyway, so Jack got his birthday at home. He wanted donuts for his birthday, and Jake and I were in Brentwood on Wednesday, so we went to a little specialty donut shop and picked him up some to surprise him with.

Our birthday tradition is always a special breakfast, complete with birthday song and candles. Also-they love that hang up their birthday banner every year-that is an important part of the tradition! When I made those for their first birthday parties, I NEVER imagined we would use them for so long!

We normally like to do “experience” birthday presents, but Covid has made this a bit trickier. So, we did a normal present instead. Jack has been really into playing the Star Wars X Wing game with his daddy, so we got him a bunch of different pieces to go with it. He was SO excited!

Since we had a day off, I asked Jack what he wanted for lunch, and he said Taco Bell….so Taco Bell it was!

(And yes, he is still in his pjs). We also gave him the gift of unlimited screen time, and he took FULL advantage, LOL.

Love this picture of my big TEN YEAR OLD.

For his birthday dinner that night, Jack requested that MeeMaw make him fried chicken, fried apples, fried okra, biscuits, and chocolate chess pie. And she did, of course, because she is the best Mee Maw and he is spoiled rotten, LOL!

Friday after school Jack’s best friend came home with him for a sleepover. Josie went to Grammy and Pappy’s to “escape,” LOL. There was tons of Star Wars video games, extreme Nerf wars, and movie watching. Jack requested Jose’s for his birthday dinner, and an Oreo cake. They stayed up until 1:00 in the morning, and were up by 7:30 on Saturday morning. Before we dropped his friend off, we went through the Golly G’s drive thru for milkshakes. They had a blast! These two are the SWEETEST best friends. The giggling was awesome to hear.

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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