Christmas Day

This Christmas Day, of course, was not at all like normal. But it wasn’t bad, either! This is the first year, ever, that we have slept in on Christmas Day. Normally we have to set alarms and wake the kiddos before daylight so we can enjoy our Christmas as a family before heading down to my parents’ house. Which we love! But it was also really nice to have a slower Christmas morning and not be so tired.

We always get the kids one big gift and stocking stuffers. And we never wrap their gifts, just cover them with blankets. 🙂 This year we got Josie a Cricut and Jack a hoverboard with go cart attachment.

They were both THRILLED with their gifts. And they always love opening their stockings, too. This year Josie had a devotional book, a bracelet, a Golly G’s gift card, some ColorStreet nails, some candy, and Christmas Tree cakes, of course. Jack got a slingshot, some Legos, some bath bombs (he LOVES bath bombs), a Golly G’s gift card, candy, and Christmas Tree cakes.

Jake and I exchanged gifts, too. He got me rollerblades!! And a new awesome down blanket for hiking. The rollerblades were hidden in the dirty clothes, hamper, LOL and the kids wrapped up a note for me to find them.

I got Jake a Pit Barrel smoker, a smoker thermometer, and a new shirt.

For Christmas morning breakfast, I made Instant Pot sausage gravy (our FAVORITE gravy, but definitely a special treat type of thing!) and of course chocolate gravy. We decided to keep it simple and just have biscuits, gravy and fruit. And it was delicious.

And then we just had a long, lazy day. We watched movies and played. Josie played with her Cricut She loves it! Jack made a million laps around the house with his hoverboard.

At some point in the afternoon, even though it was FREEZING, we bundled up and went up the road to the church where we go for walks so I could try out my new roller blades. Josie rollerbladed, too, and Jack took his new hoverboard. Jake just walked with us.

After we went for a walk, we ran by Mama Judy’s (and stayed outside) to pick up our Christmas care package :). She sent us home with potato soup, chili, and lots of cookies.

Then we settled back in for a long cozy night, being lazy and watching movies. We checked the last thing off our Christmas to-do list, watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Even though it was different, Christmas was good. It was nice to be able to just focus on our little family of four. I love them a lot!

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