Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve wasn’t at all like normal this year, but we still wanted to make it special and memorable. We started out with Jake’s family’s traditional Christmas Eve breakfast: sausage cheese balls, blueberry muffins, eggs, and fruit.

It was delicious!

Then we got dressed and loaded up all our presents in Jake’s truck to make our deliveries. We made our rounds, staying only on porches or in yards, but it was fun to get to visit with everyone for just a little bit (it was FREEZING outside!) The kids opened their gifts at Shshr and Ta’s.

After our deliveries, we came home and let the kiddos open presents from all the various family that sent them theirs, and we opened our presents from Mama Judy.

Then we had a long, lazy day together. Jack put together a lot of his new Legos and Josie loved looking at her new Hamilton posters and stickers for her room. We all watched the movie Inception together at some point in the afternoon. (yes, we know, definitely not a Christmas movie, LOL)

That evening Josie and I went together to pick up our favorite Japanese food for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was delicious! And, it snowed on our way home!! And even stuck a bit. Magical, for sure!

After dinner we read through the Christmas story out of all the gospels. Then we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and ate yummy dessert. (Between my students, Nana, Mama Judy, Ta, and our gingerbread making, we have SO MANY DESSERTS right now!) Jack put together more of his Lego sets while we were watching. šŸ™‚ He said, “This is a good movie to just listen to.” LOL

We ended the night with me trying to get a quick family picture in front of the tree. This is how most of our family picture sessions go, LOL.

After the kiddos went to bed, Jake and I set out Christmas, and then stayed up way too late watching another movie. Which was kind of nice, because normally we are WIPED out by Christmas Eve night, because of all the day’s activities. We missed being with our families, but there was something nice about just being home, too.

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