December so far

December has had its ups and downs, but we are half way through, and only one more week before break!

Here are some miscellaneous things for the month:

The first of the month we had two virtual days, right after Thanksgiving, to make sure everyone was well/not infected before we came back to school. The first day I took the kids with me to my classroom and taught from there, but the second day we just stayed home. And it was nice! It went so much more smoothly than in the spring, because everyone is more used to doing so many things virtually.

Jake got a much deserved new truck! We bought it from Chad, who was getting something else. It is SO nice. We are excited to take a trip in it, because it has so much more room in the cab.

Normally the first Friday in December is our school’s Christmas Vespers performance. However, because of Covid, it was not a live performance. Instead, we filmed it beforehand and had a simulcast the night that it would normally be on, so everyone could watch at the same time at home. It was actually pretty cool to watch! Ta sent me a picture of Jack she took while she was watching, and a friend took a picture of Josie while she was watching. 🙂

Craft projects are keeping me sane here lately on the weekends. I’ve made jelly, painted a plaque for a baby gift, and worked on some other random Christmas gift crafts.

Here’s to this week going smoothly and quickly!

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