be still

A couple of weeks ago it was finally time for something I had been waiting for for a couple of months-my tattoo appointment. This is something I had been contemplating for a couple of years, and a phrase God had laid on my heart a couple of years ago that I’ve been mulling over for some time. (Not that he laid on my heart to get a tattoo, but he definitely did some speaking to me through this phrase.) And this year has been hard. And I felt like the time was right.

A couple of my dear friends went with me, right after school one day.

It did hurt a bit…..but really not too bad, and it was totally, totally worth it. It turned out exactly I had envisioned in my head. Not sure if I shared this or not, but I had my mom write it…so this is her handwriting, which makes it even more special.

be still……a good and much needed reminder.

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