Random November Tidbits

Here’s a catch up of November.

This is Jack at school-perk of having your own kid in class is getting to take pictures of him. 🙂 He was partner working with one of the students that was quarantined at home. 2020 at its finest right here.

I voted! So glad that the election is over and done with.

This girl has very specific opinions about her hair. She wanted to sleep in curlers for school picture day, and she wanted to sleep in braids for our Vespers day at school so her hair would be “crinkly.”

Yep. The Psalms are my jam right now.

Found this cool stool while we were helping Mama Judy clean out her garage, and I redid it to take to school!

Another classic 2020 image: online church. I wanted to remember these song lyrics. They were timely.

I love this cat. And my porch. And sweatpants. And the sun.

These kiddos. They created their very own zip line out of some rope in the back yard, and spent hours out there, multiple days. I love their creativity. This particular activity may have been inspired by our family viewing of “The World’s Toughest Race” LOL.

This girl had to quarantine for two weeks at the beginning of November because one of her classmates was Covid positive. (The whole 7th grade had to quarantine.) So she had virtual school. She was dreading it, but then really ended up enjoying herself. She enjoyed being home with her daddy all by herself.

I absolutely love catching these two curled up on the couch reading. Jack has really started getting interested in reading on his own. He is into the “Wings of Fire” series. And Josie absolutely DEVOURS any book she lays her hands on.

Jake cooked a deer roast in the smoker, and it was DELICIOUS. He also did some chicken in the smoker on another time, and it was ALSO delicious.

Fire night with awesome friends…..we have loved our fire pit this year- a very good investment, especially for the craziness of 2020!

This boy loves board games SO much….and pajamas. He is ALWAYS in pajamas. One day he was playing checkers with himself. LOL.

The day before Thanksgiving break, the upper schoolers got to have JECA’s first ever “casual” day at school. These girls were PUMPED. Middle schoolers are funny.

Maybe the earliest I have EVER had Christmas presents bought AND wrapped. That pile is a whole lot bigger now! I was completely done with my shopping BEFORE December!

Another craft project- I made this pillow out of an old jacket of my Pop’s….I love the way it turned out.

Big news-I am getting a tattoo!! Tomorrow!! And I had my mom write it. So she wrote “be still” about a million times for me, and then I picked the one on the right.

Josie and I tried out some Color Street nails-they are great! I’m trying to stop biting my nails..but Josie has BEAUTIFUL nails, that are just begging for polish always.

Jake got me this weighted blanket this month. It is gorgeous and SO fantastic. I love it.

November, all in all, has been a hard month for several reasons. But looking back like this is helpful, because it helps me focus on the bright spots and the positive instead of dwelling on the hard and dark.

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