Christmas Decorations!

I was not looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. To be truthful, I really never look forward to decorating for Christmas. But, the kids were pumped, so we got them out on Friday. I put up less than normal, even, but I was please with how they turned out, initially. Then, Jake found a cool website that showed how to make homemade garland out of fresh cedar. So on Sunday, we went over to the farm, and I cut a bunch of cedar boughs, and tried my hand at it-and I LOVED how they turned out! It didn’t take long at all, and made such a big impact! The fresh cedar just added such a POP to all of our Christmas decor, with pretty minimal effort. Definitely will be doing it again. 🙂

We found this awesome antique nativity set in Mama Judy’s attic!

And then, on November 30th, it snowed! So decor in (a little bit) of snow:

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