Parties, cats, and strep throat

To catch up on the rest of October, here is a very miscellaneous blog post:

At the beginning of October, we hosted my XC team at our house for an outdoor end of season party. It went great!

Jake says I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady. And he’s right. I am not sure WHY these cats bring me so much joy. But they do. Maybe God knew I would need to be a crazy cat lady this year.

Why, yes, that IS a bunch of grits I spilled all over the floor….

Good truth.

We got to celebrate Pappy’s birthday with him on Wednesday, with an impromptu outside pizza picnic at their house. It was so good to be with my whole family in one place-it doesn’t happen often!

Thursday night we took the kiddos to Golly G’s to celebrate a couple of big accomplishments for both of them. Josie shared something with her class that we were very proud of her having the courage to do. Jack finished a BIG chapter book, his first really big novel. They are good kids, and we are proud of them, and this was a good, tangible way to show them that this time. They are funny, though-neither of them got ice cream! Jack wanted an iced “sunflower” latte, and Josie wanted an iced “chunky monkey” mocha. Ha! My coffee addiction has rubbed off on them.

Everyone was feeling great in this picture. But by Friday morning, Josie had a horribly sore throat. She stayed home from school, and Jake took her to the doctor- strep throat.

Saturday morning JACK woke up with a horribly sore throat- I took him to the doctor- yep, strep throat, too. The best thing about strep throat is, though, that antibiotics work FAST. They are both totally back to normal today!

We had a wonderful, much needed VERY lazy family day yesterday. We binged watched America Ninja Warrior, ate donuts and Chinese food, and just rested together. It was life-giving for sure.

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