Jack’s Cross Country Season

Jack finished up cross country season in September, too, but I thought this deserved a post all to itself.

Jack, our boy with BOUNDLESS energy, finally put all that energy to good use…..he got first place for his age group (3rd-5th grade boys-usually about 20 runners) in EVERY cross country meet this season! As a fourth grader! We are pretty impressed with our little dude for working so hard and meeting his goal. Also so, so thankful for his excellent coach, who has high standards for his runners, but also makes it fun for them-Jack never left practice without a smile on his face.

Running in a rainstorm at one of the meets

His awesome coach always gathered them up at the end of every meet to talk to them.

Loved this pic another mom sent me!

After the race at our farm

Running in first place at the championship race!

He got first place at the championship race, and also got first place overall in his division for the season!

His team actually got first place overall as well-and swept the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the championship race!

It’s fun watching your kid succeed at something they enjoy so much! 🙂

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