The rest of August

The rest of August has kind of been a busy blur.

We’ve had two cross country meets. Jack has gotten FIRST at both of them! He’s doing great this year! I don’t have any pictures of just him, only with teammates, so I’m not posting them here. But-he’s having a blast!

Josie loves 7th grade. She loves having more “freedoms” and a locker. AND she published a school newspaper, all on her own! It is called “The Edwards” and she is going to publish it monthly. I love her creativity and her ability to stick to an idea once she decides she wants to do it.

I have the best husband. He is patient, and kind, and will do anything for me. I’ve leaned on him a lot this month.

I am very, very grateful for the work of an organization called Project ADAM and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. They had come out to do a teacher training at our school, the first week of August. Without that training, the outcome of my runner probably would have been very different. Check them out here.

Here is a bunch of random end of August pictures:

I’m praying for a more peaceful, less eventful September.

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