August, Week 1

Well, per normal for August…..I am behind on blogging. So. Here I go, catch up time!

We started off the first week of August with a fun birthday celebration for Hannah! I did a fun 13 year photo shoot for her on her birthday, and Josie came along. We did some “best friend” pictures. 🙂

6 feet apart pictures, just for kicks

And, then. I told them to get close and hug, without even really realizing what I was doing. It was just in “photographer” mode, and not even thinking…..that this was the first time they’d been allowed to touch or hug in MONTHS. They were SO excited. They almost cried. It was very sweet.

After pictures, we went to Torino’s and picked up some dinner and ate it in the car. 🙂

And then we headed to the farm, for a surprise for Hannah-we were doing a fire and FIREWORKS to celebrate her birthday. 🙂

That same weekend was the start of my August sunflower mini sessions at the farm. The sunflowers were BEAUTIFUL. I had 5 photo shoots that first weekend of August alone.

I had Mama Judy be a model for me one day before my photo shoot people got there. 🙂 I have the best MIL in the world. 🙂

Also spent SO MUCH TIME AT SCHOOL, getting ready for the first day. The kiddos were with most of the time the first part of the week, but they went fishing with Grammy and Pappy on Thursday, and ending up spending the night on Wednesday night and Thursday night. 🙂

One day at school I dropped a cubby on my toe. It hurt SO bad. Still hurts, in fact, almost a month later.

I was at school late on Thursday night for our virtual back to school night, and late on Friday night for our in person back to school night (for the new to JECA students). It was a long week. Not a bad week. But a looonnnggg week.

I ended that week with 4 more photo shoots on Saturday! Yes, probably not the best thing to do to myself….but the sunflowers were SO beautiful. And I had fun taking pictures in them.

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