The rest of July

We have been BUSY since returning from vacation. As soon as we got back, I had to jump back into school mode. I couldn’t actually go to school right away, because of needing to quarantine for a bit, but I did a ton of work from home, and then when I was deemed “safe” to go, the kids and I have been there almost every day. (except the days the kiddos have stayed home with Jake). Our school, because of Covid guidelines and needing to have enough space in the classrooms to put all the student desks 6ft apart, has had to do a MAJOR overhaul. Every single teacher/faculty member had to change classrooms and/or offices. Every one. It is actually a good thing, because we are making a LOT of changes we were going to make in the future anyways…they’ve just had to be expedited! We moved back the start of school from the 5th to the 10th, just to give us a little more time to get everything ready.

Anyways, there has been a lot of soaking up the last days of summer, too.

We got so used to going on our after dinner walks at the campground, one night we decided to do it at home, too. And the sky was BEAUTIFUL that night.

We’ve SO enjoyed our garden this year. It has been an excellent year for growing things. There is nothing like eating veggies fresh from your garden the day you pick them!

Masks. They are the new normal. The kiddos and have gotten LOTS of practice in wearing them while we’ve been at school. They are not my favorite thing, but are definitely a necessary evil right now.

The skies have REALLY showing off here lately….

And this happened. Meet Cleo, the newest member of our family. 🙂

Josie has practiced diligently, all summer long, on perfecting her slack line technique. And now she can make it all the way across!!! She was so proud of herself!

One night our friends came over for a fire night. The kids had so much running around the yard with them, and we got to meet their new puppy!

I’ve had so many photo shoots this summer, but this week I got to do really fun ones- Emery’s one year shoot, and Carley’s SENIOR pictures!! Josie came with me and was my photo assistant.

After a LOOONNNG week at work, we decided to have some fun Friday night. We went to an actual restaurant for the first time since March (I mean, we’ve picked up food and brought it home, but not actually eaten out). We went to Sax Deli and ate at their outside seating, and it was absolutely delicious! Then we hit up the Mexican popsicle place and sat outside and listened to a band play while we ate our treat. We ran into a family from church, and it was SO good to see them. We are missing our church family, so badly.

This has been a fun and busy weekend, too, but more about that later!

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