Dale Hollow Trip

We always love our trips to the lake, and this one, albeit different than normal, was no exception.

There was lots of sleeping in and lazy mornings, swimming, riding in the boat, kneeboarding for the kids, skiing for me, ice cream, Nana’s homemade desserts, bike riding, pretty sunsets, and a beautiful stars every night.

We were there with Nana and Shshr, Mom and Dad, Casey and her kiddos, and Chad and Lesa and their kids. Andy and his family was at their house up there, and Uncle Bill came up for a few days, too.

We decided that we were going to let our Covid guards down just a bit, and let Nana and Shshr and Mom and Dad be in our quarantine “bubble” for just the duration of the trip. We decided that was a risk worth taking. That being said, we were still almost always only outside with them, and pretty much still 6 ft away all the time, except for just a couple of dinners eaten in campers together. We still didn’t eat in docks. We got ice cream at a couple of the docks, but stayed outside. We avoided other people in bathrooms and when we had to go on the docks, etc. So…all that made the trip feel different than other years, for sure.

The end of our trip was little stressful. Chad found out while we were on the trip together that one of his work colleagues had test positive for Covid…so he had to go get tested, even though he had no symptoms….and the day before we came back, we found out he had tested positive. He was completely asymptomatic, but to be on the extreme cautious side, our entire family decided to quarantine for this week, even though we were all almost only outside with him, ever on the trip. And, thank goodness, no-one came down with symptoms at all (including Chad and his family), and now they have all had negative tests…..but still-it was a stressful, anxious way to end our trip.

However, the trip itself was still wonderful, and restful, and just what we all needed. It was so good to be around my family. Especially knowing that we are going to need to get stricter with our quarantining again once school starts, to protect them from all the germs Jack, Josie, and I will exposed to every day.

So…here is the trip in pictures. 🙂

One day Pappy took Jack and Josie fishing and they caught TWENTY FIVE brim! It was a good fishing afternoon! Jack caught most of them (because he fished a lot longer than Jo did). He was over the moon excited. Pappy fried them up for us one night on the trip, too-they were great!

Lake sunsets are the best. We always make it a point to go down to the dock and watch one from start to finish, at least once on our trip.

One week day night we waited until the dock was almost closed to go get ice cream, that way it wouldn’t be crowded.

Yes, that is my goofy girl riding down to the boat on her bike with a flamingo float around her neck.

We really enjoyed being able to just ride our bikes down to the boat every day instead of having to drive the truck. Having bigger kids definitely has its perks!

One day we all drove to East Port for the day. We rode with Shshr and Nana in Shshr’s boat (Jake drove the boat). We ordered our lunches to go at East Port, and then ate on our boats. We stopped at Sunset on the way back for ice cream and so the kids could feed the turtles.

We found a new “sunken” island near Hendricks for the kids to explore.

This was the easiest year yet to get all these kids in one picture!

One evening (Emery’s first birthday, actually!) we all stayed late on the island and ordered pizza from the dock for dinner and had a picnic. Uncle Bill and Uncle Andy bought a ton of glow sticks and glow toys for everyone, and we had a night swim. It was so much fun. The kids LOVED it-these are the kinds of things I hope they remember forever. 🙂

The next day we had a waterfall day. We hiked to the Sulfur Creek waterfall, and then also went to the Mitchell Creek waterfall and played around on it. Then we went to Mitchell Creek to get some ice cream. (Ice cream abounds when we are a the lake, LOL).

Sunday was HOOOOOTTTT. We packed up and then the kids and I jumped in the lake for a minute to cool off before we headed home. We are always sad to come home, but always glad to be back in our house once we get home. 🙂

We are blessed, for sure, to have the ability to get to take trips and own things likes campers and boats, and to have a family that is close enough to get to come with us. These are things we try not to ever take for granted.

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