Week 17

Sorry for the silence for a bit. We just got back from our annual Dale Hollow camping trip, and I’m just now sitting down to do some blogging catch up.

The week before camping was mostly….well, prepping for camping. There are always a lot of things that need to be done before we go. I had some photo shoot and school work to do, things needed to be cleaned, laundry done, camper packed, etc. etc.

We also did a few fun things, too!

Monday I got to go take sweet Cora’s newborn pictures!! She is so, so sweet. I wore a mask the whole time, and only touched her to arrange her for pics…but I just wanted to squeeze her! 🙂

Monday night we had the Roses over for a fire night. It had been awhile, because they had been out of town and then laying low for a bit after their trip. The kiddos played in the sprinkler. It was really good to see them and hang out.

Tuesday was a busy day. This spring, I was supposed to help chaperone a junior/senior overnight hiking trip.. Well…Covid, of course. I had tried to reschedule, but just couldn’t make it happen. So I decided I would host the (newly graduated) seniors only for a camp out night at our farm. It was a good time. They came after lunch on Tuesday and I took them down to the swimming hole to play and explored the creek. Then we hiked back up and pitched our tents. Jake came to help me grill. Everyone brought their own dinner. Jake grilled steaks (tuna for me) and veggies-it was SO good. We hung out by the fire and roasted s’mores. Jake went and got the kids and went home about dark (the kiddos had hung out on Mama Judy’s deck for a bit so he could come). The seniors and I hung out until midnight, just talking and snacking. I slept in my hammock-and slept SO much better than I usually do in my hiking tent. The next morning I cooked pancakes and sausages on the griddle for everyone. It was a good event, and I think the seniors appreciated one last hoorah before they all go their separate ways. 🙂

Wednesday afternoon I took the kiddos swimming at our neighbors. I grocery shopped on my phone for our trip while they swam. 🙂

Thursday was all about packing, picking up groceries (had to go to both Walmart and Kroger for pickups to get everything I needed), prepping meals, and picking corn. Mama Judy came and helped pick the corn, and then we put it all up in the freezer in the shucks.

Friday we finished packing and cleaning, and then the kids and I headed to the lake. I was pulling Shshr’s boat up there for her. Jake came after he got done with work with the camper. We were GLAD to be on our trip.

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