The rest of Week 16/4th of July

The start of July has been pretty good.

Wednesday Mrs. Pam couldn’t do swimming lessons, but told us to come swim always, so we did. The kids had fun just getting to “play” and still got a ton of practice in!

Wednesday night we drove over to the farm to see how our sunflowers had been growing, and then drove to Pleasant View Golly G’s for a treat. The Greenbrier one has still been super busy, so that’s why we went to Pleasant View.

We are getting a TON of blackberries right now. Thursday morning I made blackberry muffins.

Thursday I went to mow at Nana’s, and the kiddos went with me. Then Nana went with us to swimming lessons to watch, and Grammy was there, too.

Thursday evening Nana made us dinner. I had a photo shoot that evening, so after dinner I went to the photo shoot while Jake and the kids hung out and then I came back so we could all have dessert. πŸ™‚

Friday morning I went to breakfast with Robin, since she was in town for the Fourth. We were able to go to the Greenbrier Golly G’s and eat outside on their patio, because they finally weren’t very busy. While I did that, the kiddos went over to Nana’s to help her wash her camper and do some yard work. Jake was off work, and he had a few things to do at Mama Judy’s new house and the farm.

Friday night the kiddos got to do something they have been missing for a LONG time-spend the night at Grammy and Pappy’s. We’ve been avoiding it because of this crazy virus, but we finally decided that if we didn’t let them now, they probably wouldn’t get to for the rest of 2020…because once school starts back, we will have to go back into strict quarantine mode to protect other people-I will be exposed to 20 families’ germs, πŸ™ The kids were OVERJOYED. And Jake and I were happy for a “date night” (Covid-style). We picked up drive thru Japanese food and had a movie night-it was SO good.

Saturday was Fourth of July! Because of the pandemic, this year the Fourth looked a little different for us. I decided the parade was not on our list of “activities worth being around a lot of people,” so we skipped this year. The Johnsons were not having their normal fish fry, of course, so Dad and Mom decided to fry fish for just us, Casey and her family, and Chad and his family (except that Chad couldn’t come because of work-boo!), and Nana. This was the first time we’d all been together since this pandemic hit. And we were careful-stayed outside and all washed our hands one million times.

Jake and I slept late and then did a lot of random chores. I made my 4th of July strawberries, and then we headed down to Mom and Dad’s. It was a good, good night. The food was SO good, and the kiddos ran themselves to death all over the place-they had a blast. Kyle, Casey, and Lesa brought fireworks for the kiddos, and they had so much fun! Josie made 4th of July cake pops all by herself. πŸ™‚

The kiddos stayed the night again Saturday night. Mom and Dad brought them home yesterday evening….and they both cried after Grammy and Pappy left. This quarantine is starting to get to them. It feels heavy, and they are well aware that we have to go back to being more strict once school starts back, so they are just sad. They are ready to go back to “normal” as much as anyone else.

Funny story: Last night, after the kids got home, Poppy was nowhere to be found. Jack was getting worried about her. I *KNEW* I had seen her earlier in the day, when Jake and I had gone out to the camper for something. After the kids went to bed, Jake and I were talking about where she might be…and then it hit us-THE CAMPER. We ran out there, and yep, sure enough, she was in the camper. She must have ran in when we were in there, and we shut her in by mistake. She was fine, of course, and we were just glad we had thought about that!! It would’ve been terrible if she got locked in there for a long time! We woke the kids up to tell them that we had found her, because we knew they would sleep better if they knew. πŸ™‚

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