Week 14

Week 13 of this pandemic was our trip, so last week was officially week 14 of this craziness. Last week was a little crazy all on its own, because the week after a long trip I always feel like I’m playing catch up a bit. Monday was a laundry day, as always after a big trip. I also had a school Zoom meeting and some other school work to do. The kids and I went by Nana’s to pick up the plants she had baby sat while we were gone. I let Josie give her a thank you hug for her birthday present Nana gave her…..we’ve still been trying to maintain the 6 ft rule, but I thought birthdays deserved an exception. 🙂 Tuesday was Josie’s 12th birthday!! Quarantine birthdays are not fun, but we tried to make the best of it. I had to go early Tuesday morning and pick up our lawn mower, but when I got back I took Josie to Golly G’s (at her request) to get cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast. I also let her get a fancy coffee. 🙂 Then we came home and had our normal birthday breakfast tradition. We were kind of stumped on what to do for Josie’s birthday present. We normally go for “experience” gifts instead of normal gifts…but that was out of the question this year. We finally decided to send her on a virtual shopping spree. We decided we wanted to get her a new chair for her room, but we couldn’t decide if she would want a desk chair or a “comfy” chair, like a bean bag. So the night before I went and found about 30 links for her to pick from. So she had a blast going through and narrowing down her choices. She decided on the one I thought she would pick…..
Flamingos, of course! 🙂 Later on that day, MeeMaw dropped by with Abby and Matthew. The kids were so excited to see them, because it had been a long time!
Josie requested red velvet cake for her birthday dessert, so I made that so it would cool. She was SO excited that I made her a 4 layer “fancy” cake.
Josie also requested dinner from the Greek restaurant. On the way to pick up that, we made a pit stop at Casey’s to meet their new puppies! Josie also requested that we have the Roses over to hang out by the fire for her birthday night, and they were happy to fill that request! 🙂 So, quarantine birthday didn’t turn out to be so terrible, after all. 🙂 An exciting thing happened this week-Golly G’s opened in Greenbrier! It has been PACKED, so we haven’t gone yet, but we are excited it is there! Wednesday evening I had a prom photo shoot for some GHS seniors. I was so glad they were getting to finally have their prom! It was a fun shoot, and one of the moms took some pictures of me taking pictures, LOL. After my photo shoot, Nana and Shshr came by to hang out by the fire with us. Shshr brought the puppies (because she was puppy sitting). Our neighbors offered for us to use their pool some this summer, so I took the kids over on Thursday. I had an online conference for school on Thursday and Friday, but since it was online, I could do my conference and watch the kiddos swim at the same time-win/win! Poppy followed us to the pool, and stayed the whole time we were there, then followed us back home. Crazy cat! But sweet cat, too. That night I was still pretty busy with school work and photo work, etc, so I decided I would have the kids cook dinner (with my supervision/help). They made spaghetti, bread, and salads, and did a great job!
Friday we stayed home all day. I had another online conference day, so that took up most of my day. Jake actually had part of the day off work, so he went over to the farm for a bit.

Saturday was a busy, busy day. I started the day with a photo shoot at the farm, then ran home for just a bit. Saturday was also graduation day at JECA, and Jake was in charge of sound, and I was taking cap/gown pictures. We had to be there at noon to set up the sound (outside-it was a MILLION degrees). By the time we finished with that, we really didn’t have time to go home, so we hung out in my classroom and ate lunch and watched a movie. I started taking pictures (outside) at about 4:30, and graduation was (outside) at 6:45. This was the biggest event we’ve been to during quarantine by far, but we decided it was important enough to break our quarantine for just one evening. We still washed our hands frequently, kept our distance (except for a few quick hugs for our favorite grads), and of course it was outside. We got home after 9:00 that night, so we swung by China Spring to pick up some dinner. We were all ZONKED by the end of the night, and slept in big time on Sunday morning. Josie did get a surprise when we got home-her new chair had come a week early! She was SO excited. Jake and Jack got home a little before Josie and I (because we went to pick up the food), and Jake had it all unwrapped and in her room for her. So, an exciting quarantine week for us! A little more “normal” than it has been….I mean, graduation was the most dressed up any of us had been…well, for 14 weeks!

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