Week 12

I am behind on my blogging, but it is because we went on a trip last week! So now I am going to play catch up. Week 12 feels like ages ago, even though it was only 2 weeks. 🙂 It was a busy week, because we were getting ready for a trip. So Jake had a ton of work to get done before we left, and I was busy with lots of photo shoots, editing photos, cleaning the house, doing yard work, laundry, and packing. So this will just be a quick recap for memory’s sake. 🙂 Sunday I had a photo shoot that Josie went with me to, and I couldn’t help snapping just a few quick pics of my girl, too. Monday Jack started swimming lessons at a neighbor’s house with her niece that was in from Washington for a few weeks. The water was freezing, but he was super excited and did a great job. They also broke ground on Mama Judy’s new house! Yay! We went to the Roses’ on Monday night for a fire hang out night. 🙂 Tuesday Pappy came to our farm to plow up the ground for the dove field (because our tractor has been in the shop for weeks and weeks now-bleh.) The kids and I went over while he was there. Jack and I ran while we were there, too. Tuesday night I took Jackie’s maternity pics. 🙂 Wednesday Jake got all the seeds planted in the newly plowed up ground. I mowed our yard (and our neighbors’ ….they have been sick with Covid) and did some other yard work. Thursday Jack had his last swim lesson for the week, and then it was a grocery and cleaning day to get ready for the trip. We picked up a big grocery order from Walmart and got it all loaded in the camper. Our new Solo stove came for our fire pit! We had a quick fire in it before it started raining on Thursday night, and Shshr and Asher came by to hang out for a little bit. Friday was a busy packing day, and then we left for our trip after Jake got off work. We headed to Willow Grove in the light of a beautiful moon- pictures never do a pretty moon justice!

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