June Road Trip-Part 3

We made it back to Willow Grove in the afternoon, and set back up one last time-we are masters at this now, though, and totally have a system to make it quick! Ta and Tommy were camping this weekend as well (they were just starting their normal longer June vacation). We enjoyed the nice weather and rode our bikes for awhile. We had a movie night that night and stayed up way too late. Saturday Jake ran to the storage and got our boat and we enjoyed another day on the lake. It was incredibly busy again, but by some random chance Ta and Tommy were able to snag an island, so we hung out there with them all day. It was another beautiful day-we were blessed with really, really nice weather for this trip! Sunday morning we got up early (for us anyways) and headed straight to the boat, breakfast in hand. Saturday had been too busy again for the kiddos to kneeboard, and Jack really, really wanted to. So we made it happen Sunday morning. Mornings are always the best time for water sports anyways. He got a good run in, but Josie’s ride was much choppier because a stiff wind picked up. She got a little run, in too, and then we hung out in a cove to let the wind die down a bit and Jack kneeboarded some more. We got our boat out and left it with the dock for the week for some repairs…and then the rain started it. Really our first rain of the trip (except for just a little on top of the mountain). So, we had to pack up in the rain, but it wasn’t too bad at all. We are always happy to be home after a long trip, and this one was no exception. The kids were eager to see Poppy! (and she was eager to see us, too.) The sun was shining when we got home, and we were able to get everything unpacked and put away, which is always a good feeling. Mama Judy came over and brought us dinner (bless her!). We all got showers. It was good to sleep in our own beds again (although we love our camper beds, too). It was so good to take this trip-we all needed it badly. We were able to relax and forget about some of the stressful things in life. And we were almost able to forget that we are still in the midst of a pandemic…camping felt pretty normal. We needed that, too. I’m so thankful we both have jobs that allow us the time and money to take trips as a family-that is not something we take for granted.

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