June Road Trip-Part 1

This isn’t the trip we had planned for this June….but that’s another story for another day. Suffice it to say, the pandemic changed our plans a bit for this summer. But, Jake still had this week off, and we were extremely grateful we could plan this trip on such short notice. We started this trip at our home away from home, Willow Grove. Friday night we pulled in late, got set up, and ate our traditional first night of camping chili. Then we settled in and watched the first part of our final Harry Potter movies, since we had just finished the final book this week! Saturday we slept late and had a pretty lazy, slow day at the campground. In the afternoon, we went to get our boat out of the storage. We had to run to Livingston to get a new battery for it (which didn’t surprise us, because it was an old battery). After that we took it to the lake for a bit. What did surprise us, however, was HOW BUSY THE LAKE WAS. Busier than I have ever seen it ever in my whole life. Apparently, people are taking advantage of the natural “social distancing” the lake affords…and the fact that the lake isn’t shut down. Plus, this was the first weekend the campgrounds on the lake were open. But, we enjoyed a little bit of swimming and got in a nice sunset ride. We even got to see Andy and Christie and the kiddos, who were staying at their lake house for the weekend-that was a nice surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sunday we had another lazy and slow morning, and then headed to the lake. Again, busier than I’ve ever ever seen it-too busy even for the kids to kneeboard, even though we waited until we thought it had cleared out some. But we were able to find a cove to ourselves, and spent the day swimming and hanging out in the boat. The kids swam like fish, Josie worked on her dive, and Jack mastered a back flip (after some mishaps, LOL).
I had a little bit of school work to before we headed out on Monday, so Sunday night we went down to the dock and hung out on a blanket so we could use the wifi. ๐Ÿ™‚
It was a great way to start our road trip.

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