Week 11

This week was a bit different, because Jake had off of work Monday and Tuesday (because we were supposed to be camping….). So we took advantage of those days to do some projects around the house! Monday we (and when I say that, mostly Jake) worked on making a roof to over our firewood stack. While he worked on that, I worked on restoring an antique cast iron bell we had gotten from Jake’s dad-it was his grandparents’. Monday evening Mama Judy came for dinner. It had been a long time, and it was so good to get to hang out with her for awhile. Jake finished up his work while she was there, and we had dessert on the porch. 🙂
Tuesday we finished up the bell stand, and then hoisted the bell to the top. Jake definitely did the most hoisting, but I assisted to make sure the ladder didn’t fall over! He is SO strong. Then we did some other yard work and Josie learned to mow!
Tuesday night I had to pick up a grocery order…and we decided to get a Sonic treat. 🙂 Wednesday was SUCH a rainy day. The kids went with me to school, because I had to some work. That evening, we did something Josie has been wanting to do since last summer-dye the tips of her hair with Kool-Aid. She was THRILLED with how it turned out! 🙂 Thursday Jake smoked meat! Yum! It turned out SO great. It smoked for almost 16 hours, so we were pulling meat at midnight, LOL. So worth it, though.
Thursday the kiddos and I went to Nana’s to help her pressure wash her porch. We had a front porch lunch with her, too. We love Nana lunches! When we got home, Josie and I washed the camper. Friday the kiddos and I went back to Nana’s so I could mow. The kids hung out with Shshr and Nana, and also helped Shshr clean off Nana’s roof. Saturday was our lazy sleep in day, which is always good. Jake worked on cleaning out our tree line, and it looks SO good now. I had a photo shoot in Hendersonville, and then I had one at our farm after that. The kids and Jake hung out at the farm so Jake could do some tree hunting while I was photo shooting. Josie picked me some flowers. 🙂 Sunday morning was another lazy, even slower morning. We ate breakfast outside, and sat out there reading for even longer. We watched church, went back out on the porch to read some more. We worked on cleaning out Jake’s side of the shop a little bit. Jack had learned to drive the mower on Saturday (not mow just yet), and he rode around the yard FOREVER. I had another photo shoot Sunday evening, and Josie went with me so Jake and Jack could have the “boys’ night” Jack had been wanting to have with his Daddy. With all the hate and violence and craziness in the world right now…I am thankful for so many things, but mostly for my sweet family and our home where we can feel safe. I am thankful that God is in control. I am thankful that I can put my trust and my hope in Him, and that this world is not my home.

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