Week 10

This week had its ups and downs like any other, but I think it had more ups than downs. Monday Jake had a long work call, so I decided it would be best to get the kiddos and myself out of the house for a bit so he could have a quiet place to work. So after lunch we loaded up our bikes and met Lindsey and the older girls over at the greenway for a bike ride. It was a great ride, and we topped it off with a quick trip to Sonic for a treat….and I didn’t get pictures of any of it, LOL. Monday I also did something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I’ve always kept some of the kiddos school work and other memorabilia in scrapbooks…but that was not ideal, and they were getting too stuffed. So I finally ordered some file boxes for each kid, and folders for each year. MUCH better, and the kids had fun going through all their old stuff and looking at it while we were switching it over.
File folders for yearly memories
On Monday we also discovered that Jake can do handstand pushups, and we were all very impressed! Tuesday night the Roses came over for another fire night after dinner. It was a fun, casual hang out night. Wednesday Josie had to have a telehealth call with her doctor, because she had poison ivy on her face AGAIN.
Josie-poison ivy…again.
One day we ran by Casey’s to drop something off at her house, and we hung out a bit on her deck. I always love seeing her and my sweet niece and nephews. I got a new phone recently, so we decided that we would make my old phone Josie’s to use and make the iPad Jack’s to use, so that they could text and email on them. (Still super limited use/and we are keeping up with their contacts, etc…but we decided this would be good “practice” for Josie before she’s ready to actually have her own phone.) And, since we are still limiting who we are around right now, this lets them keep in touch with their friends and family easier. 🙂
The kids spent a ton of time this week crafting together, melting crayons to make cool designs on boards. Our new Adirondack chairs came this week!
Friday I had a quick photo shoot, and then I had a little time to myself in the car because I went to Head’s Farm, and then to another nursery, looking for lavender to plant, since ours never came up from seed. It was good to have a little alone time!
Friday night, as a last minute type of thing, Grammy and Pappy came over to eat red beans and rice with us and sit around the fire. It ended up raining after we finished eating, but we just moved the party to the porch. 🙂 It was good to get to hang out with them for awhile. Saturday was a busy day. Jake and Daddy were doing some work at our farm to get the dove field ready (LOOONNGGG story..but our tractor has been in the shop for forever, and is STILL not ready, so we needed Daddy’s help with his tractor). I had a photo shoot at Mom’s. Nana ended up picking up Krystals and we all ate lunch outside at Mom and Dad’s. It was so good to get to see Mom and Dad again, and to get to see Nana! After lunch, the kiddos and I headed to the farm where Jake and Daddy were working. Josh also came to help Jake out and brought the girls. I took the kiddos down to the swimming hole for a little while. It was FREEZING, but kids never care! After the Roses and Pappy left, Jake and I worked on getting some rocks to put around the fire pit, and then went home and got them all placed.
And then I went and got food at one of our favorite restaurants, because it finally opened back up! Woohoo! And we had a movie night and introduced the kiddos to Grease. LOL Yesterday we did church online again..our church actually opened back up yesterday (with lots of precautions)…but we just aren’t ready to go back quite yet. We went back to the farm and got more rocks to finish up the circle.
Jake is off today and tomorrow…because we were supposed to be camping. But we are not dwelling on that! We are just enjoying some days to be together and do some things around the house. 🙂

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