Quarantine, Week 9

This week brought new house projects, enjoying friends, lots of sleeping late, and beautiful weather.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and by my choice, we started a house project. We’ve wanted to make a new gravel fireplace area for awhile, and right now seemed like the perfect time since we are restricting our hanging out with family and friends time to outside gatherings right now.

So, Sunday, we dove in. Jake measured it all out, and then we started digging-literally. t was HARD work, but it was satisfying to see it take shape. We dug out 2 “yards” worth of dirt. The kids and I also ran over to our local nursery to scope out the gravel/stone options.

It was HARD, tiring work…but satisfying, too. We ended the day with picking up Greek food and Sonic treats and having a movie night.

Monday was a beautiful day, and since rain was forecasted for the next two days, we decided to get our project finished. The kids and I made several trips to the nursery to pick up gravel, and Jake helped us scoop in between his work calls.

This was hard work, too, but not quite as hard as the day before. It’s not quite finished-we’ve ordered Adirondack chairs and new Solo fire pit that will come later this week. But until we get that, we ran over and grabbed our old fire ring from the farm and just set out some lawn chairs.

Monday night the Roses came over after dinner for a fire and some dessert. We had missed hanging out with them SO much, and it was a good, sweet time. They ended up staying until midnight without ANY of us realizing how late it was! The adults were just talking around the fire, and the kiddos were running around the yard, and eventually they pulled out their sleeping bags and laid on the porch talking, LOL (spaced apart, of course).


The rest of the week we took it easier. Tuesday I spent the whole day in my pajamas editing pictures. The kiddos THOROUGHLY enjoyed their first week of summer break. For the first week, I didn’t make them do any of our normal “tasks”-they just got a week completely off of doing anything. They slept LATE and played HARD.


I caught up on some running and reading this week.


On Thursday night the kiddos slept in a tent in the treehouse!

They stayed out there the whole night…they even came in to use the bathroom once, and went right back out! In the morning they came in, got cereal, and took it back up there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday I went to the farm and did some mowing for the XC trail. Friday was also mine and Jake’s 16th wedding anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was anticlimactic this year for sure…and we felt it. We were both a little bummed. It is hard to celebrate things like that in quarantine, when dates or restaurants are not an option. We ended up picking up food from a new restaurant called Laignappe as a last minute decision. It was pretty good, but maybe not something we would order again.


Saturday was a nice day. Jake had mowing to do, and the kids and I ran over to school so I could clean out my students’ desks and bag up all their stuff for them to pick up…..weirdest end to school ever, for sure. It was nice to be out, though.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We slept late, ate brunch while we watched church, and then just piddled. Jake cut some limbs and started a fire to burn them, and we sat around that for awhile, just enjoying the breeze and the fire.


Later in the afternoon we ran over to the Roses for just a bit to take E a birthday gift, because she turned five! Then we came back home and ate dinner. Just as we were finishing up dinner, the Roses texted us to see if we wanted to come back to their house, because they were just sitting out by a fire. So we did! ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a perk of having friends that live close by! Hannah and Josie were able to do their Zoom youth group call together (outside), and we just sat around the fire talking while the kids ran around and explored the woods with flashlights. The rain came about 9:15, but that was okay. It was a good way to end our weekend. We are all getting a little weary of our normal at home routine each evening, so it is good to spice it up sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚


Some things we are weary of right now: Eating at home-because even picking up food at a restaurant is not the same as eating out-there are still dishes ย to be done and things to be cleaned. Not being able to go in our family’s houses and hug them. Camping trips getting cancelled. Having to make the right decisions for our family, even when lots of other people are making decisions that are different than ours.

Some things we are thankful for right now: getting to spend lots of time together. Beautiful spring that we’ve gotten to enjoy. Our house. Our jobs. A slower schedule (even when we grow weary of it sometimes). Friends that respect our decisions. Fires.

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