Quarantine, Week 7

We had another good week. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…besides missing being able to hang out with friends and hug our families….quarantine has not been so bad. We’ve enjoyed having a calmer schedule and getting to soak up spring. The kids have missed normal school, but this different school routine has allowed them to concentrate on a few things that they really needed to shore up.

Here’s what we were up to this week:


One morning the kids I were amazed to see this HUGE bird land on top of our barn. After some studying, we think it was a turkey vulture.

Tuesday after school and work we loaded up the bikes and headed over to Ashland City to the Rails to Trails bike trail they have. Jake, Jack, and I had been on it before, but this was Josie’s first time. It was a beautiful day, and we rode about 8 miles in all.

On our way home, we decided we would eat out (or in our truck, rather) just for kicks. We went by Sonic first for some onion rings, tots and fries, and then went to Golly G’s for sandwiches and milkshakes. It was all delicious, and a great way to change up our routine a bit.


Wednesday morning we went to the Roses, because Lindsey needed help jumpstarting her van. The kiddos were so glad to see each other, even if it was from 6 ft away.



Some other randomness this week:


This is one very, very loved cat.


I made myself whipped coffee again, and I had found a whipped chocolate recipe that I tried out for the rest of my family. They reported it was good! But very sweet.


Mama Judy brought by a treat for us one day!! Yum!


Jack was inspired by his art classes this week, and made me a pot holder!

This week Josie had a pretty cool homework assignment. Throughout the week, they were supposed to plan meal, look up recipes, make a grocery list, make a menu, and then on Friday, prepare the meal and serve it all by themselves.

Josie planned to make tacos, cheese dip and chips, and sopapillas for dessert. She actually started on Thursday, making sure her meat/beans were laid out in the refrigerator and making the dough for her sopapillas.


Friday she did it all! I was actually super impressed with how well she did. The only help I gave her was telling her where I kept a couple of the ingredients she needed, and I helped her know how much oil to put in the pan for her sopapillas. Otherwise, she did everything else all on her own! I was surprised how much she had learned just by watching me cook. 🙂

She did an awesome job. Dinner was delicious. I was most impressed by her frying up the sopapillas all by herself! I didn’t help a bit. She was super proud of herself….and she gained a new appreciation for what I do most nights. 🙂 Her menus were so cool-she even made a kids’ menu for Jack, complete with a coloring page! It was a really neat homework assignment. 🙂

This weekend was nice. Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL, summer-like day. We slept late and I made brunch, and then we hit the road for some errands, per our new normal Saturday routine. We went to JECA first to drop off some stuff/pick up some stuff. We ran into few people there to say hi to, which was nice.


Side note: why does my little girl look like a teenager?

Then we went to Head’s Farm to get some milk, bacon, and some Mother’s Day plants to give to my mom and Mama Judy.

We headed home and Jake and I sat on the porch, soaking up the pretty day.

Then we ran down to my parents’ so I could give my mom her flower basket.

We were able to hang out with them a bit (outside), which was nice. Daddy was working in his garden when we got there.

From there we headed to the farm, because I had a photo shoot. We made a stop at Mama Judy to give her her flowers, too. 🙂

It was a fun photo shoot- a senior boy who doesn’t mind hiking, so we went all the way to big creek. The kids tagged along so they could play in the creek while I took pics.


Today we slept late again, brunched while watching church, and then Jake and I headed out in the yard to work. He mowed and I weed eated, then I did some other yard work while he cleaned out the gutters/roof. Then we tag teamed getting everything blown off….just in time for a big rain storm to come up, of course. It was really nice sitting on the porch watching the rain, though.

Some sweet friends came by this evening to drop off some teacher appreciation gifts for me from my class! They gave me a bag to open for each day this week. 🙂 How sweet is that?

Oh! And this week we found out that this coming Friday will be our last week of school….so one more week to go of distance learning!



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