Quarantine, Week 6

This was a good week. The weather was beautiful, we’ve all adjusted to do this routine a bit better, and we are really enjoying the slower pace that life is bringing right now. Not to say this isn’t stressful at times or that we don’t miss seeing our people….but slow can be good. And so we are resting in the good things.

Monday was SUCH Β a beautiful day. We ate lunch outside, and all of us did at least part of our work outside.

Monday evening we went to the farm because I was itching to take pictures of the kiddos (which I already shared). It was SO pretty. After picture taking, Jake and I got in some hammock time while the kids played and Jack rode his minibike.


Tuesday after school was done for the day, I had to run some errands to deliver some clothes that I had cleaned out of the kiddos’ closets. One was to Casey, so we got to “social distance” visit with them outside! It was so good to see them all, even if I couldn’t hold sweet Emery like I would love to.


Wednesday the kids had art class with our beloved Mrs. Shumate, and she taught them how to do origami. And it was like an origami fest at our house, all week long after that! Jack made a whole “fox” family. Jake even got in on the fun with the kids. Josie has become a pro at making some itty-bitty origami animals! We love Mrs. Shumate. She has been such an awesome influence in our kiddos’ lives.

Wednesday afternoon Josie did Zoom ballet with Hannah, and then ended up just “hanging out” with her on Zoom for the rest of the afternoon, which I was just fine with–she is missing her friends badly. Wednesday night I had a Zoom Bible study with the ladies in our community group.

Thursday Chad stopped by and did a driveway visit with the girls. It was SOO good to see them and talk for a minute.

Thursday evening I had to go to Walmart to pick up our groceries, and while I was out, I picked up Greek Style Gyro for dinner and we had a movie night. πŸ™‚ We were all feeling the need for a slight change up in the routine by Thursday!

Jake and I also had a Zoom call with the worship team Thursday night. We are all getting a bit Zoomed out…but it is still good to see all the faces of people I’m missing seeing in person.

Friday is a lower key day for the kiddos. They have much less school work, and they both have art class which they love. Josie had to “turn in” a project she had made-she incorporated the teeny tiniest little origami creatures!

I also had to call the pediatrician on Friday, because Josie had gotten poison ivy (probably last weekend when we were pulling tires out of the woods), and instead of getting better with itch cream, it was just getting worse! So our ped called her in an oral medicine as well. (We love our pediatrician SOO much).


(This is just one small patch…it was all over her face, neck, on her hands, arm, and stomach.) This girl is sooo allergic.

Friday night I made chocolate cobbler for the first time…and it was delicious.



Saturday we all slept late, per usual. Then Jake and I got up and went for a run together, which was really nice. After that we made our now-weekly trip to a local farm to pick up some local milk and some new bell pepper plants. It was a rainy afternoon, and I spent it playing with photos. πŸ™‚

I also jumped on the “whipped coffee” band wagon….and it was SO good. Definitely something I will make again sometime.



Saturday night I made a big dinner. Salmon patties and salad with lettuce from our garden (we love our garden), and a new recipe I’d seen on Instagram for cheese grits. Those grits were SO good.


Sunday was a very lazy day. We did our (now) normal routine of sleeping late and eating a big brunch while we watched our church service.

I spent most of the rest of the day finally getting all the rest of my old pictures scanned in. It has been a big task, but one I’ve enjoyed and am SO happy to do. Now all I have left is our wedding pictures, which I plan to finish up this week. Quarantine has allowed me to get caught up on a few put-off-forever tasks. πŸ™‚ Josie had youth group last night, Jake and I did a devotional with Jack, and then we put the kiddos to bed and watched a movie.


Now to get to work!

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