Quarantine, Week 5

We’ve made it through another week of quarantine. And we survived.

The week started with our most unusual Easter to date. It was the first Easter ever that I haven’t gotten all dressed up and gone to church. I know some people got dressed up anyways. But honestly, I hadn’t even shopped for Easter outfits at all, knowing we wouldn’t be going anywhere. We all stayed in our pajamas all day long. The Easter Bunny visited, of course, and we worshiped with our church via Facebook live. We had a delicious Easter brunch- we ate the bacon and eggs and drank the chocolate milk that we’d gotten at all the local farms we’d went to the day before. Some of our friends stopped by for a driveway visit! We had an extremely lazy day. I did a lot of digital scrapbooking. We did record a video of ourself singing “How Deep the Father’s Love,” and then someone from our church compiled a lot of families from our church, all singing the song. That was pretty cool. We zoomed with Grammy and Pappy. I made a yummy Easter dinner (although, it didn’t compare to our normal Easter feast that Nana cooks!)- deer steaks, baked potatoes, salad with lettuce from our garden, homemade rolls, and mac and cheese. Jack requested sweet potatoes, so I baked him a sweet potato and made it into a “casserole” on his plate. I attempted to make deviled eggs for the first time-and that was a MAJOR FAIL. I made a coconut cake for the first time, though, and it was delicious! I only got a few pictures of our day-

These will be the official “Easter” pics for this year.


So good to see these smiling faces!

Our yummy Easter dinner…complete with a TOTAL deviled egg fail.


The rest of our week went smoothly. This week’s school week went more smoothly. One thing we started doing this week is having a family prayer time in the morning, which has been really good for us all. Our kiddos are doing SO good at working really well through their school work, and doing a lot independently since I am busy with my class a lot. We’ve gotten into a pretty good groove, I think. The weather was cooler this week, but still pretty, so there was a lot of outside time for the kiddos. Ta and Everett came by on Monday to drop off some Easter cookies. Josie did more online ballet on Wednesday.

Friday Jack recorded a recitation video for his class. He had to recite the Gettysburg Address. He worked really hard on this, and was so glad to have it off his plate! I was really proud of him for working so hard.


Friday evening Jake and I were weary. Jake had had a long work week, I had had a long work week.  So we ordered pizza and Jake and I had a movie night with Jack. Josie had another middle school girls youth group “hang out/movie night.” It was beach themed, hence her beach hat, LOL.


Saturday we all slept late, then I cooked a big breakfast. It was a beautiful day outside, so we got dressed and went for another ride. We went back to the nursery in Springfield to get more bell pepper and tomato plants, because the heavy frost this week killed ours, even though we covered them all up.

After that we ran by the Roses to pick up some stuff Lindsey had gotten me from school. It was so good to see her in person (6 ft apart, of course). We stayed and chatted for awhile. Then we went to visit Grammy and Pappy. We hadn’t been to their house since this whole thing started, and it was so good to see them in person, even though we didn’t go inside or touch them. We just stayed out in the yard and walked around and talked.

After that we went home and ate lunch. Jake mowed the yard, I planted the new plants and did some weeding in the garden and a couple of other chores. Then we all went to the farm. We went down to the bottom and did some trash cleaning that we’ve been wanting to do for awhile. The bottom floods when it rains heavy, and there was trash from years of it doing that and nobody ever picking it up. The trash had been driving us crazy, so we decided it was time to do something about it. We picked up lots of tires, especially, that had probably been there for years. It felt good to get all of those out. And-it was a BEAUTIFUL day to be in the woods. This is my favorite time of year to be in the woods.

It always feels good to work hard and get dirty. We all came home and got showers, and then ate leftover pizza and had a family movie night.  (We have had a LOT of family movie nights here lately…and that’s okay. It’s a good way to spend the night, and a good stress reliever for us all.) 


Today we all slept late, and then had waffles and sausage and watched our church service. Then we did some chores. Jake did some stuff outside while I did the seasonal switch out of the kiddos’ clothing. Then we planted the rest of our garden (all the things we grow from seed)-corn, zucchini, squash, okra, lavender, cucumbers, and cantaloupe.

Tonight Jack had a Zoom call with some of his friends (and you should have HEARD the belly laughing!), then we had a Zoom covenant gathering with our church, and now Jo is on a Zoom youth group call. Lots of Zoom calls. I have a love/hate relationship with Zoom right now. I am on Zoom a LOT for school right now. So all Zoom calls, at least right now, feel a little bit like work. But, I am super grateful for technology that is allowing us to keep up with some relationships even in the midst of quarantine.




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