Quarantine Week 4

Whew. It was a WEEK. This was our first official full time week of online “distance” learning. I had spent the last two weeks preparing for this…and had a different picture in my head of how it might go than how it did go. But we survived!

The beginning of our week was quite a bit more exciting than we had originally thought it might be. A couple of weeks ago, Jack’s best friend’s mom contacted me. She was going to have a baby, and soon. The problem was, because of lots of different circumstances, none of her family or other friends had been able to do a “strict” quarantine. She knew we had, so she had a favor to ask-could her kiddos come stay with us while they went to the hospital to have the baby. Well, I had been praying for 3 days straight at that point for God to show me ways I could love/help others, even in the midst of being stuck at my house. So to me, this was pretty obviously how God was answering that prayer. So Jake and I said yes, of course we would do it.

She was originally supposed to be induced on Tuesday morning. However, this baby had different plans! She texted me in the middle of the night Sunday night that it was time. So I immediately drove to their house. I stayed there for the rest of the night to let the kiddos sleep. Monday morning I woke them up, and drove them all back to my house so we could dive into the first day of school. So-first day of distance learning- and I had FIVE kids at my house, kindergarten-sixth grade. Gulp. Between all five kids and myself, I had TWELVE Zoom calls/classes to coordinate between 8:30 and 1:00. It.was.a.zoo. But we made it! Everybody made all their classes, everybody got all their work done, everybody got fed. The kiddos even had a ton of playtime outside. I have never been so thankful for beautiful weather as I was this week! And let me tell you..our kids were THRILLED to have their kids come to stay!!! Of course Jack was, since one of the kids is his absolute best friend. And Josie was SUCH a big help. She took their little girl under her wing and had the ultimate baby-sitting/having a little sister experience for two days.

Highlights of Monday: Survival! Jake cooking a big mess of fried chicken for dinner. The Roses doing a drive through in our driveway for a bit-SOOO good to see their faces-we miss them so much! The Kings doing a drive by and bringing us BBQ (We saved it for Tuesday night’s dinner)!! These kids all being so sweet to each other-they were all SOO good. (And yes, those are pictures of them taking rag baths-they were all SO filthy after a long day of playing outside, but bedtime was more important than bath time.)

Tuesday was a bit smoother. There were less Zoom calls, I started the day at my house, and we had a bit of routine. The kiddos were all so, so, good again.


Tuesday night after dinner and baths I took the kiddos home to their parents and their new baby brother. Josie rode along with me. I drove her by Golly G’s for a treat after we dropped them off, because she deserved it! She was a biiigggg help to me Monday and Tuesday!



Wednesday and Thursday were definitely quieter and calmer at our house, but definitely still busy. The kiddos were so, SO good this week-I couldn’t have asked them to be better. I had a LOT to do for my school. Technology troubleshooting for parents and students, Zoom calls with students, Zoom classes, grading papers, etc. All that, and helping Josie and Jack with their work. But they were rock stars, and did so good staying on task and working through their work on their own, only coming to me when they needed help with something. They are good kiddos.

Friday was Good Friday, so the kiddos were off school. They played all day while Jake and I worked. I lesson planned and recorded videos for next week’s classes and got all the content put in our online school website. Friday was also Nana’s birthday, so after we got done working, we drove the kiddos over there to drop off her birthday cards and talk to her from a distance. While we were there, Josh, Jackie and Everett, and then Ta and Tommy pulled in the driveway to do the same thing.


Friday night we had our virtual Good Friday service with our church on our couch. I’m so glad our church is working so hard to stream services. Good Friday is one of my favorite services all year. This year was no exception, even if we couldn’t be at our church building. And I need to hear those songs and that message. Friday was the first day through all of this I have been sad. I know many have it so, so much worse than we do right now..but the heaviness of all of this was just getting to me. I wanted to hug my Nana around her neck on her birthday. And see my family for Easter weekend. And go to church with my people. So Friday, I was sad. And that’s okay. We sang “It is Well” on our Good Friday service. I needed that song. It was what my heart needed to hear.



Today we all slept late and stayed in our pjs until after lunch. Grammy and Pappy dropped off a surprise Easter gift on our porch for the kiddos.


After lunch, we decided we all needed to go for a drive. We decided to do a tour of Robertson County and support some small local businesses. We went to a  local nursery and bought the ferns for my front porch. We went to a local dairy and bought some milk. We went to another local farm and bought some meat and some eggs. All of these markets were outside, and we were super careful about keeping distance and wiping everything down as soon as we got to the car.  All in all we were in the car for about 2 hours. But it was a beautiful day, and we drove through some beautiful countryside, and it was just what we all needed.

This evening we had an egg hunt for our kiddos at our house. Casey had dropped off some already stuffed eggs for the kids earlier in the week (Bless her!!!), so Jake and I hid them all over the yard. Not quite the same as having all their cousins with them…but nothing is quite the same, this April. Mama Judy came to watch the kiddos hunt. It was good to talk to her and catch up (from a distance, of course). I can’t WAIT until all this over so I can hug all my people!


After dinner tonight, we went and picked up our grocery order at Walmart and ran by Sonic for a treat. It was a good day.

And now, the Easter Bunny just visited! (Plus, Josie left a super sweet present for her brother, all on her own.)



Tomorrow won’t be quite the same as normal. But it will be good. Because even in the midst of all this craziness, I have so, so many reasons to be thankful.

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