Quarantine Week 3

This week was uneventful….duh, huh? But, really. Quarantine is not so bad. We really aren’t hating it. There were some moments of being bummed out this week. I was grumpy some (probably we all were at some point)…but overall, we are doing well.

This was the kiddos official Spring Break, so I required very little of them this week school-wise. The only thing I made them do every day was practice their instruments. They also had a big (paid) chore to do this week: clean all the weeds/grass out of the garden. (not in the actual beds, but AROUND the beds). This is a yearly task that we have to do before Jake can start spraying the grass, and it is a BIG task. They did a great job, tackling it over 3 different days and working together.

Jake and I both worked Monday-Wednesday. Technically, this was my Spring Break, too…but all things are looking different right now, and there was still much to be done to help get our online school up and running. So I worked. Had TONS of Zoom calls. And I’m okay with that. I want to help.

Thursday and Friday Jake was off work, and I was determined to be, too (and I was..mostly-I still had to do a few things). The reason that Jake was off work was that, before all this craziness happened, we had had a plan to go to Washington D.C. for an adult only trip-the kiddos were supposed to stay with Grammy and Pappy. Maybe someday we can make it up! (This is perhaps where some of my grumpiness came from….)

So, this week there was lots of playing outside. It only rained 1 day. There were games of two hand touch football, gotcha, and tag. I did more Peleton classes on my bike with Lindsey. We got a grocery delivery. Nana and Shshr did a “driveway” visit. There were lots of movie nights. We had a family game night. I did a LOT of cooking and baking. We spent time at the farm. Friday night we spent the evening there, and cooked dinner and had a fire. I even made fire-cooked cherry pies, just like my mama used to make for us when I was little. Saturday we went down to the bottom at the farm to do a bit cleaning out work. Jake taught me how to drive the tractor. We picked up drive-thru pizza. All in all, we have had a lot of family time. And it has been good.



So good to see their faces and talk to them, even if I couldn’t hug them around the neck like I wanted to!


This. If you look really closely at this picture, is a good summary of our lives right now. These two goobers hugging all over each other….and Jack rubbing his precious cat with his foot. We have gotten a lot of joy out of that silly cat during this quarantine. The antibacterial wipes on the sidewalk. The box that was just delivered. Bucket of sidewalk chalk. Kids in play clothes….all.day.every.day. (Oh, and Jack wearing one of Jake’s old “muscle” shirts…he has LOVED having all of his daddy’s vintage clothes to wear, LOL).


Washing ALLLLL the things much, much more thoroughly than normal. Also not pictured: wiping every grocery item with antibacterial wipes before bringing it in the house.

Family football games and family game nights (and not great photography!)


Yummy, yummy dinner.

A much, much needed night at the farm. Very relaxing. There is almost nothing a good campfire can’t fix for me. And it was complete with grilled burgers and cheese dip and chips, coffee, and fire-roasted cherry pies. Perfection.

Working hard at the farm….

….And hardly working.


Tomorrow the kids and I start school back, and Jake starts work back. I’ve worked out schedules for each of us with all of our Zoom calls and such… and praying for much grace for myself, that I can let some of my high expectations go and just rest in doing the best I can and loving my family well. ¬†Because, really, that’s all that I can do, right?

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