Weekending, Quarantine style

This was a good weekend. The weather was beautiful, and we took full advantage. After sleeping late on Saturday, we went up the road again and let the kiddos ride bikes while Jake and I went for a jog. Then we came home, ate lunch, and got to work in the yard. We cleaned out the old blackberry vines and routed the new ones. I cleaned out all my flower beds. Jake mowed. We put the kiddos to work, too. They cleaned out weeds for us and helped us with the blackberry vines. They also had a lot of playtime, too. Josie has learned a really cool technique with sidewalk chalk. And they both had a Zoom call with a friend. Josie talked to Hannah, Jack talked to Claire.


Late in the afternoon, we went to Golly G’s and did their drive thru for milkshakes. We are being cautious…I wiped off all the cups with an antibacterial wipe before I handed them out, and we used lots of Germ X. But totally worth it, because those milkshakes were GOOOD. Good dessert before dinner.


When we got home there was more playing outside and then dinner and showers. Then we sent the kiddos upstairs, because Jake and I had a virtual “date night” with some of our friends via Zoom. It was fun, and great to catch up with them, even if we couldn’t be in the same room.


After our date call, we ended up bringing the kiddos back downstairs to sleep on the couch, because there were storms moving through that were bringing a lot of wind. They moved through fast, though, and we only had a few limbs down.

Sunday we kept with the same routine we’ve established the past couple of weeks: we all slept late, then I got up and cooked a big brunch (this week it was french toast and omelets, per the kiddos’ requests), and we ate it while we watched our church’s service online. I miss going to church, but so grateful for technology that allows us to still worship with our church family.


It was another beautiful day outside. The kiddos played, Jake worked in the garden and got everything tilled up, and I stayed inside to do some chores. I did some laundry, made homemade Hawaiian bread (SOO good), and cleaned some of the downstairs windows, inside and out. That is a spring cleaning chore-try to clean all the windows in the house at least once a year. But it takes a pretty day to do it.


Last night Josie had youth group via Zoom and I had women’s Bible study via Zoom. Jack and Jake went over to Mama Judy’s and visited with her from a  distance in the yard. 🙂


This quarantine is different. It is weird. It is hard to not get to actually see people and hug them. But I am so thankful for so many things right now-we are healthy. Our families are currently healthy. We have plenty of food. The weather has been nice. Our jobs allow us work from home. We are all enjoying a slower pace and getting to hang out at home.  I’m looking for the bright sides, every day.


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