Quarantine, Week 2

All in all, I have to say…I didn’t hate this week. The being able to sleep in a little later, and just being at HOME…I don’t hate. The kids have had a FANTASTIC week. They’ve really had to fend for themselves this week, with Jake and I both working, and they have done SO good. Even though this wasn’t technically a school week for them, I knew that Jake and I would both be working this week, so I set them up a set of tasks to complete before they could have any screen time (and they had to be done before 3:00). A few school oriented things (reading, XtraMath, Latin practice), practicing their instruments, making beds/getting dressed/eating breakfast and lunch (I think my kids are some of the only kids I know that I actually have to MAKE eat…they are not normal), a few chores, and playing outside/exercising for at least an hour. This system worked out great. They did such a great job doing all of their tasks, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL, finally, for most of the week, so they spent a TON of time outside climbing trees, making forts, and playing “American Ninja Warrior”….and they have all kinds of bumps, bruises, and scratches to prove it. There was also LOTS of time upstairs playing Legos, building blanket forts and doing lots of arts and crafts projects. They even started working on a writing a song together for their mandolin and guitar! I really, really do love how much our kiddos love each other and how well they get along (usually)..this is something we definitely don’t take for granted.

Jake worked hard this week. The camper worked pretty well for him for an office. I was extremely grateful for the use of his office space this week, too, because I also had a lot of work to do, and a lot of calls I had to be on, especially the last couple of days. He’s a good one, that husband of mine-always putting me first. I love him.

And now here are some pictures…….

Work looks different for me now! Grading papers on the couch….and LOTS of planning via Zoom calls.

Being at home + trying to use up freezer food means some yummy meals. Dumplings happened twice this week…just made fresh okra and cornbread to go with the second time. I WISH the BBQ chicken could’ve lasted twice-but our kiddos eat more than they used to (which is totally okay!).

LOVE the beautiful weather. One day we drove up the road to a little dead end road that is near our house and let the kiddos ride their bikes while we walked. And, this cat? SPOILED rotten.


The kiddos had more Zoom music lessons this week. So grateful this is still happening. And, check out Jack’s awesome vintage sweatshirt, LOL. He’s loving wearing all of Jake’s old shirts!


Working out together via Zoom. 😛


LOTS of family movie nights. We are watching all the Mission Impossible movies currently. The kids love them…Jack especially!


Zoom call with Nana, Shshr, and Casey. Also not picture: Zoom call with Grammy and Pappy.

We made our own dishwasher detergent. So far, it’s working great! I already make my own laundry detergent, so I’m excited to see if this works as well as that!


Last night we supported a hometown small business and got Mexican food delivered- YUM. (and had another movie night, of course!)


Today these kiddos were SO proud of their “fancy” lunch they made themselves while I was on a work call. Those are TOASTED chicken sandwiches with mayonnaise, y’all. And notice the straws in their cups? And the unwrapped chocolate on their plates? Plus…Slim Jims. Can’t get any fancier than that! LOL At least they added some broccoli in there….


Tonight Shshr drove by our house and we had a driveway conversation from a safe distance away. 🙂 The kids were excited to see her dog, too.


This cat, y’all….SPOILED, I tell you!


Currently Josie is having a virtual “lock-in” night with her middle school youth group girls. I am so grateful for her sweet youth leader, who is doing her best to keep these girls socially entertained. 🙂 They’ve had a scavenger hunt, played charades, and now they are all watching a movie together. 🙂

And now….THE WEEKEND. Yay!


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