Sunday at home

We started with sleeping late. Even Jack slept past 9:00, and he was so happy about it, because he can never sleep that late!
Then I made chocolate gravy and biscuits and we ate it while we watched our church service online. I love our church so much.
Then we were lazy for awhile again. ?‍♀️ Finally we got some stuff done. Jake went outside to do some chores, the kids do some chores for me while I did my normal weekend chores-laundry, vacuuming, etc. the kids played upstairs until I kicked them outside to play. I have to tell you, and I’m dead serious-our kids have not been bored ONCE through this thing. We are so blessed with kiddos who are each other’s best friends. I feel so sorry for only children during this!
They made this awesome foldable house with pics from old magazines.
I washed a bunch of vintage kids clothes we found in Mama Judy’s attic last week. Beautiful dresses and things, most handmade by her! The kids hung them out to dry on the porch for me, which Josie though was the best thing ever-she was channeling her inner Laura Ingalls. 🙂
This kitty got spoiled rotten today, and got to come inside for some snuggle time. She’s a pretty good lap cat! Josie had youth group via Zoom tonight. So thankful for technology, that is making this quarantine time much more bearable that it could be! And, so, so thankful for our church. Then we had another family movie night…because why not? We are currently making our way through the Mission Impossible movies…at this rate we will be done before the week’s up!

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