Just take a hike

Today was a much needed, soul restoring day after a very strange, hard week. We started off the day with lots of laziness, and ate a pancake…um…brunch around noon. Then we ran to my school, probably for the last time for a long time, to pick up some things I needed. We made the kiddos stay outside, and Jake and I touched as little as possible and washed our hands a lot. ?‍♀️ This afternoon we took a long hike at the farm, which was exactly what I needed. The sun peeked out for a bit, tons of beautiful things were blooming, and it was just good all the way around. On the way out, we stopped at Mama Judy’s and talked to her while we stayed in the yard and she stayed on the balcony :). It was good.
We went through the drive thru at Domino’s in the way home, and decided a movie night was needed. 🙂

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